Goals, Goals, Goals...oh my!

Dreaming big...I'd like to write 7 books this year for my publisher Black Velvet Seductions, 2 books for Blushing Publications, and 2 books for Red Rose Publishing.

A moment of sanity...Hopefully I can write 5 books for BVS, 2 for BP, and 1 for RRP. (Notice I've even cut back on spelling out the publishers' names.)

If all else fails...I WILL write 4 books for BVS and 2 for BP. RRP may have to wait until 2011.

Another serious goal: Cut back to only 2 blogs and manage to get my blog post here done on time.

How I'm going to accomplish my goals...sticking to a schedule of writing for each publisher. I use Outlook for my calendar and color code my writing deadlines (chapters of books, book reviews I do, final book deadlines). I try real hard NOT to move those deadlines around, but I don't always manage it.


Joan Vincent said...

And you thought I was ambitious in my goals! If anyone can manage this much writing, it is you Starla. You are talented, organised, and determined. All qualities that will enable you to succeed at whatever goals you set. Bon Chance!

Deborah Macias said...

You can do it! You are always an inspiration to the rest of us. FOCUS is the key. I've heard FOCUS stands for Follow One Course Until Successful. My A.D.D. brain has a hard time with that, but I'm still gonna try.

Goodluck with your goals!

Penny Rader said...

Ditto what Joan and Deborah said. I have great faith in you, Starla.

Nina Sipes said...

I've been chasing other goals so that I could get back to writing. Have question. I use Outlook for e-mail. How are you using it? How does it schedule anything? Would you mind elaborating a bit?