Possessions for love

Pat Davids here.

Some months ago WARA members received a word list for our Mission Possible. In this list were the words, tower, silver, sword, ink, joker, master, rebellion, smooth and erect. Instead of writing a short story, I wrote a poem using those words. The night of our meeting I forgot to bring my Mission Possible piece and it has languished in my computer until now. Since the young man in the poem offers his prized possessions for love, I thought I'd share it with everyone.

Oh, Lady most fair, look down from thy tower.
Behold a sad knight bereft of all power.
Though I drew silver sword from hardened stone,
And was crowned a king, I am still alone.

The stars or’ my head in this inky night
Foretell not the end of this lover’s plight.
See not a king but a joker, a fool.
One who dares seek a most beautiful jewel.

Oh, pearl beyond price, oh, woman so rare.
Tis not thy ruby lips nor golden hair
that leaves this king mute as a tongue-tied youth.
Here in the dark I shall whisper the truth.

Tis the sweet gentleness in thy green eyes,
that pierces my heart as an arrow flies,
swift, straight and sure from the archers bent bow.
How may I win thee? What words must I know?

If gold and jewels be the price of thy hand,
I shall sell my steed, my shield and my land.
A king’s ransom I’ll pay to make thee mine.
For thy smile is heady as the finest wine.

Though I be master in matters of state,
tonight I’m a beggar here at thy gate.
Hoping for crumbs, just thy sigh or a glance,
to tell me my quest does yet stand a chance.

Mount no rebellion against my desire.
My love burns bright as the sun’s mighty fire.
Till thee lay thy smooth cheek upon my breast,
I fear my poor heart shall not know its rest.

The halls I erect, the castles I hold,
Will mean not a thing if I must grow old,
bereft of a joy filled life beside thee.
Oh, Lady most fair, I beg thee...love me.


Sharon N said...

Great job Pat. Excellent, touching poem.

Becky A said...

Oh, Miss Pat, you are sooooo talented! I'm not even into poetry but I loved yours. You could feel his love and yearning. I hope she is worthy of such emotion. Big sigh!
Thanks for sharing.

Pat Davids said...

Hey Sharon and Becky.
Thanks for stopping by. I love the way words can be made to flow like water in poetry. It's fun trying to shorten or lengthen each line to fit the cadence and emotion of what I'm trying to say.

Reese Mobley said...

Great poem, Pat. You are multi-talented. Do you write poetry often?

Elaine Morrison said...

Pat, I love your poem! My daughter and I read it together out loud. Could I share it with 7 high school students as an example?

Pat Davids said...

I enjoy poetry but I don't write it often. Maybe only once or twice a year.

Pat Davids said...

I'd be proud to have you share my poem with students. Glad you liked it.

Joan Vincent said...

Wow, Pat. You need to find a way to include this poem in one of your future books. You certainly have made "words flow like water" amd with real feeling!

Pat Davids said...

Thank you, Joan.
I don't forsee a way to use it yet, but I'm sure the right time and place will appear.

Roxann Delaney said...

Pat, I'm in awe. Truly. The poem is breathtaking.

I haven't tried writing poetry since I was a junior in high school. I cringe when I think of that one. Back then, we carved it into stone. ;)

Joan Vincent said...

I let a hero compose it for a heroine and read it or send it to her or vice versa while she moons over possiblities.

Nina Sipes said...

My,oh my. You can write me love poems anytime you like and I shall bring visions to my head of wondrous fantasy's only for me. You do have a wonderful talent in this direction, but it was only a couple of lines that nailed me. One was selling everything to buy what she wished for and the other was the very last line. It would be a shame if this did not end up in a romance. However perfect it would be in a historical, I can see it being used very well in a modern story. It could give an unusual twist to a story.

Pat Davids said...

Thank you, Nina.
I'm happy you liked it. If ever you need a love poem, let me know.

I did hate to see it gathering dust. That's why I chose to share it here. I haven't a clue how to use it in any of the stories I'm working on, but when the times comes, it will be waiting.

I'm glad folks enjoyed it.

Penny Rader said...

Oh, Pat, that's beautiful! I do hope it finds its way into one of your stories. I love the imagery of poems...but I have no clue how to write them. And what perfect pic, btw.

Starla Kaye said...

Look at you! Little Miss Poet. Who knew you were so gifted? Okay, I did. Thanks for sharing the poem.