Thanksgiving Feasts (Melissa Robbins)

This is my favorite Thanksgiving photograph. I'm the kid on the left. My sister is on the right. Her face cracks me up every time. "Ew! What is that?" No, she is not a vegetarian.

Growing up, Thanksgivings were a big deal and my grandmother would make a feast. She would have turkey and ham, those cute rolls that look like bums (The things we remember as kids!), and desserts galore. My grandparents had a large garden, so creamed corn, green beans, Melissa Pickles, and other delicious vegetables made it on the table. Melissa Pickles? These were pickles my grandparents spent all summer making from cucumbers from their garden. I know this because I was there too during the summer and put to work. All those green beans being eaten were snapped by me. Anyway, Melissa Pickles were called Melissa Pickles because I loved them so much. They were not your typical pickles. They were sweet, cubed, and bright green. I just have to say I was really disappointed later in life when I discovered the bright green color came from food coloring. I thought it was some super special ingredient. I have the recipe for Melissa Pickles, but I know zero about canning and are afraid to try canning them.

Sadly, since moving to the Midwest in 1999, I have not celebrated a Thanksgiving with my family. Instead, my husband, our children, and I travel to Arkansas to eat and play football with Reed's great-aunt (a hoot of a woman) and her family.

This year, Thanksgiving will be extra special. It will be our daughter, Gwinn's first Thanksgiving. Babies are always fun to have around the holidays. We also have the pleasure of sharing our traditions with our exchange student from Germany. I'm curious what she will think of green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole.


Unknown said...

Love the picture!

Beginning new traditions are always tough for the "veterans" but for the little ones, they are new!

Joan Vincent said...

Everyone has favorites for holiday dinners. I knew one of the family favorites had been passed to the next generation when my 7 year old granddaughter asked me if I was making creamed peas. When I said "yes" she beamed and added, "I just wanted to make sure." I know she'll be able to make the dish one day because several years back I experimented until I figured out measured ingredients. The creamed peas were fairly easy but the dressing "recipe" almost did me in.

Reese Mobley said...

You've painted a wonderful picture of your family.

So, now that it's all over, what did your exchange student think about your green bean casserole?

Anonymous said...

Another Tina who loves that picture.

I enjoyed the post as well. Thanks!

Nina Sipes said...

I suspect your Melissa Pickles are really lime pickles. If so, you can't screw them up. The lime makes them crunchy and preserves them, not the canning process. Really, and no kidding. My mom and I made a gunzunga batch of them this summer. I can explain in detail if you like.