Happy June fellow readers, writers and blog-a-maniacs. This month our topic is favorite books as a child and as an adult. What the H E double hockey sticks does the blog title have to do with the topic? Let me come out of the closet and admit my love for . . . . . . cookbooks. Inside those colorful pages, I flag the good stuff and X out the recipes my family gave a thumbs down to. I have hundreds of cookbooks. And I feel zero shame in admitting I’ve used nearly all of them. These books are splattered with sauce, butter, vanilla and various other ingredients. I love to cook and bake. There, I’ve said it. And now I’ll move on.

I grew up with Nancy Drew—well, let me rephrase that. I grew up (sort of) she didn’t. Still, I wanted to be like her. She was the coolest chick I almost knew. She was smart, clean-cut, solved mysteries before the end of the book and she pined after Ned in a way that made my heart go pitter-patter. What could be better for your average tween in the 1970’s to read?

Then I outgrew Nancy and Ned. We were like best friends who moved away from each other. We promised to write, but sadly, it never happened. Sigh…………. But then it happened. Just like my mom said it would. I got a new bff. Stephen King and baby did he turn me on to a whole new world.

I didn’t read much in high school because of school, work and a very full social calendar, much to my parent’s chagrin.

In my early 20’s I discovered my love of reading again and devoured Sidney Sheldon and Sandra Brown. OMG! Between those pages, I read about things that would have made Nancy Drew blush.

Today I opt for books with more story. More heart. There are several books that I’ve read over and over because I love them so much. First Lady and Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips are two of my favorites. Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer. Walking After Midnight by Karen Robards. And of course, my beloved cookbooks.




Joan Vincent said...

Reese, I too love cookbooks. Mine are oldest are stained and dog-eared--think of all the good stuff we've cooked, baked, and roasted.
Thanks for sharing your favorites --I'm always on the lookout for a different author to read.

Reese Mobley said...

Joan, I wasn't surprised to learn that you also have a love for cookbooks. After all, great minds do think alike.

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