Faces of The Bones in the Box (Melissa Robbins)

When I saw this month’s topic, I envisioned showcasing my Murder Decoded ensemble cast.  Who doesn’t like oodles and oodles of cute guys as my pilots?  However, my secret identity, as a mom who is sewing costumes for a local children’s theater production my daughter is performing in, has left little time to write and search for perfect pictures of my ensemble cast.  Most of the pictures I have are real pilots, WAAFs, and actresses from the 40's.  Instead, I introduce you to two new faces.  Last month, I finished my short story, The Bones in the Box and submitted it to the third Sisters in Crime Guppies anthology.  Cross your fingers, they accept my story. 

 My heroine, Charlotte “Charlie” Graham finds a Nazi skeleton in her grandmother’s cedar chest.  How did he get there? Who stabbed him?  Nanny Vic?  Ashley Greene has that beautiful girl next door look that is just perfect for Charlie. 

When I decided to write The Bones in the Box, one of my critique partners pleaded and begged me to use Tom Hiddleston.   I obliged because Tom could easily portray my Tom Montgomery’s enthusiasm.  Perhaps he is a little too enthusiastic about the Nazi skeleton.  Yes, they share the same name.  ;0)  Charlie enlists the Edinburgh University graduate student to help sort through her grandparents’ house they abandoned in 1945.  Can Tom’s WW2 expertise help Charlie solve a seventy-year-old murder?   


Rox Delaney said...

My oldest is a Tom Hiddleston fan. It takes me a few seconds to connect him to Loki. I can definitely imagine him as a character in a hunt with your heroine. :)