Patricia Davids here wishing you Happy November!
It's NaNoWriMo!!!

November is here and that means it's National Novel Writing Month.

How cool is that? We get an entire month to celebrate being writers. The groundhog only gets a day. Columbus only gets a day. We get an entire month. If you have dreamed of writing a novel, this month is for you.

What's so special about NaNoWriMo you ask?

Take a hop over to their website and see.

The NaNoWriMo site is dedicated to helping novelists achieve their dream of finishing a book. There are places to track your progress as you work toward your goal. You can find inspiration and support. You can network with other writers and published authors. It's a great tool to kick start your dream or give your current writing an added boost.

Read how others have done it. Check out the world wide map of pages being written. It's inspiring and amazing to see how many people share the same dream, the same desire to get the stories in their heads down on paper.

Take the challenge.
Move Forward.
Write the book.

And, in a spot of blatant self promotion, pick of copy of my latest book.
An Amish Family Christmas.
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Nina Sipes said...

Pat, I am so ever grateful that you keep on plugging away like the Everready bunny! You are one of my posterpersons for successful authordom.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Joan Vincent said...

Take the challenge. Move Forward.
Write the book.-- You inspire and amaze and encourage us to accompany you on your and our own journeys. A truly generous writer.

Becky A said...

Hey, Miss Pat! Where's the group dedicated to helping novelists achieve their dream of publishing a book? That's what I get stuck on:)

Oh, and the reason we get a whole month? It's because we can't condense all the books out there into one day. There was only one Columbus, but there's trillions of words in the format of great novels.

Happy Thanksgiving!