(Romance) Writer's Jargon

Writers, as with any other career group, have a language all their own. The jargon can be confusing to those just entering the world of writing, and it can take some time to sort through it all. Like a secret handshake, the language has become so ingrained that sometimes writers don’t think to share with newer writers. And even years after being involved with writing and other writers, there can be times when a seasoned writer says to another writer, “Stop! What does that mean? I keep hearing it and don’t know.”

There’s nothing wrong with asking. Writers recognize that theirs is a different world, with not only a different language, but a world full of emotion and uncertainty. Romance writers are ever so much more so, adding the need to balance story, conflict and, of course, that essential romance.

Step into the world of the writer’s language with us and find out what those strange acronyms and other terms are. If we don’t cover the one you’re unsure of, feel free to ask!