August Blog Topics

We're really getting into some of the nuts and bolts of writing romance. Is everyone having fun? Is anyone learning anything? Who says learning can't be fun?

Because RWA (Romance Writers of America) held it's annual conference last month, we thought this would be a good time to discuss THE BUSINESS OF WRITING. Once you make the leap from writing for pleasure to writing for pay, there are many options to take a look at and decide if any will benefit you, the writer. From taxes to joining organizations, from whether an agent is needed to when to quit your day job, those questions encompass many things. We hope we can help you answer some of them or show you were to find more information.

The second half of August will be devoted to ORGANIZING TIPS & TRICKS. Pat will start us off, as she does each month, and there's no doubt she'll have some pearls of wisdom to share. Each writer has his or her own style of keeping track of research, making outlines, creating character and GMC charts, and tracking those submissions that can lead to the word we all long to hear: SALE! Share your experiences and thoughts. How do you do it? We'd love to know!