The Submission Process

Back to school, cooler weather, Fall is on the way! These are just a few of the things that come to mind when September rolls around. September is also a great month for setting goals and also for reaching them.

Have you spent those lazy summer days writing? It might be time to bite the bullet and submit some of that work you've been doing to a publisher. But what publisher? And how and what do you submit?

This month we'll be trying to answer those questions and more. With lots of time before editors and publishers start shutting down for the holidays, making September a great time to start sending your work to editors. It's No Excuse Time!

Author Elizabeth Sinclair will be joining us on September 21 as our first guest blogger! Elizabeth is the author of the highly acclaimed book on how to write a synopsis. The Dreaded Synopsis is a how-to book that should be on every writer's bookshelf. Elizabeth has also written books for Harlequin American Romance, Kensington Precious Gems, Silhouette Intimate Moments/Silhouette Romantic Suspense, and Medallion Books. Her upcoming novel, Garden of the Moon, will be available in December.

Let's get ready to submit!


Nina Sipes said...

Submit? We're supposed to do that? Some God-like editor with mental processes that I can only dream about can't tell from afar that I have a killer best-seller tucked tidily under my bed? She's not going to go the window and realize there is a special glow in the west and dream my number that night and call me the next morning? Sheesh.

Rox Delaney said...

Funny, Nina!

Yes, you have to feel the pain before you can claim the glory. :)