I’ve been burning the midnight oil a lot lately. To no good purpose, I might add. Just to watch time go up in smoke. The ending of a year does that to me, encourages me to squander my remaining resources.

I also find that the final days of December cause me to think more about endings than beginnings. The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine has been no exception. It was a bad year for me, and I’m not sorry to see it go.

I wrote next to nothing this year. I reinforced my poor self image by being unreliable in my writing commitments to this blog and to the Mission: Possible! exercise. Over the last two years my writing productivity has ground to a halt yet again. I used to be frightened when this happened. I thought my Muse had died, and that I would never write again.

The good thing about having years of writing experience under my belt is the knowledge halts and dry spells don’t last. You can BICHOK and begin again. If any of you are suffering from doubts or writing blocks, I would suggest you take the valuable suggestions to be found in Rox’s blog of December 29th and put them to use. Start by making specific goals and writing them down on paper. Don’t be too hard on yourself or waste time in recriminations. Move with the flow of the universe and renew yourself with positive thoughts and good fellowship with other writers.

I wish you all good things in the days to come. I offer you a toast: May your days be long and filled with the joy of family and friends. May your imagination be fruitful, and may your writing tools produce many pages. May your work lead you to a publisher’s door, and may you earn the lasting satisfaction of authorship.

Have a Happy New Year!


jel said...

blessing 2 u in this new year!

Becky A said...

Many people are glad that 09 is history. It's been a pooper of a year for a lot of my friends. I'm just glad that you are still alive and kickin' and there is no reason for you to be down on yourself. Most of us struggle to BICHOK when we have no major issues so I can only imagine how tough it would be while walking in your shoes. The words will always be there waiting for you. Now is the time to get your bod healed and your home restored. We're all rooting for you so kick out that old, poor self image and bring in the new, good one.
Be blessed my friend in knowing that you are loved and you are talented, and when the time is right, the words will flow.

Jeannie said...

Back at ya, jel! Hope 2010 holds good things for you!

Jeannie said...

Thanks for the ego-boo, Beck! Like I said, one good thing about years of writing experience is knowing the words never really run out. Sometimes you just get a little bewhildered.

Read an interesting idea for resolutions. Make twelve of them. Then you can work on one a month. It helps turn them from just good ideas into good habits.

Hope 2010 proves to be a banner writing year for you. Do you have any specific goals in mind?

Pat Davids said...

I know what you mean, Jeannie. I've had some setbacks this year, too, although none even close to your level or to Theresa who lost her father this year.

Long story short, I have to return to working at the hospital.

My gambit to become a full time writer didn't pay off. While it started with a bang in 2008, it fizzled with the general economy in 2009 and caught me off guard with very poor sales on my suspense books as of November.

I feel like I had the brass ring in my fingers and then dropped it.

I'll still be writing, but I'll be working nights in the NICU again two nights a week. At least I like the babies.

To everyone who had a so-so year, let me raise a half-full/half-empty glass of cyber cheer to all my WARA friends. May 2010 bring more good than bad, more happy than sad and many more blessings to be had.

Becky A said...

Hello again!
I bit the bullet and listed two goals on Roxann's blog. They are both doable but putting it into black and white makes me sweat. Don't know why. I guess if they're written for all the world to see, I have no excuse to ignore them!

I want to finish the book I'm working on now and then get back and finish the second book in my trilogy. (That's the one I sent to you with the new beginning.) Both are about 3/4 of the way done minus all the editing. It's what to do after I get them finished that freaks me out. Trying to find a publisher just drives me nuts.
Oh well, that's a piece down the road so I'll pretend it's not there :)

Hey Pat, that brass ring is still there. It's just buried under a pile of unemployment checks. When things turn around, you'll be good to go.

Happy New Year!

Joan Vincent said...

Jeannie, I think you did amazingly well for all you've had on your plate this year. Your Mission Possibles inspire. They stir, provoke, tease, and delight. The number is not what is important.

Hang in there. I'm raising a glass with a wish that 2010 be filled with many blessings. Your last paragraph said it best!

Nina Sipes said...

Very Good Post. Its attitude is just what I needed -practical and uplifting.

Penny Rader said...

Wishing you a super spectacular 2010!