Goals vs. Resolutions

Goal: the winning post at a race or at football; hence, the end aimed at.
Resolution: the act of resolving; state of being resolved; fixed determination; constancy of purpose; solution.
Resolve: free from doubt or difficulty; clear or separate; solve; settle in an opinion; decide; determine by vote; pass a formal resolution.

The first of every year generally has people making new resolutions in which to live by in the coming year. Many resolve to lose weight, exercise, spend more time with their families and etc. As writers, we tend to think along the lines of what and how much we will write.

I, for one, do not like resolutions, no doubt due to all the failed ones of my past. If I had lost a pound for every resolution I made to lose weight, I’d be done! Goals are a horse of a different color. People often use them interchangeably but their definitions show that the goal is the end result of the resolution and somehow, I like that better.

My writing goals for 2010 are to finish the two books I am currently working on which seems simple enough, but it depends on your definition of “finish.” Mine means totally, spit shined and polished, complete and ready for publication. I figure that will take a good chunk, if not all of this year, especially since my current work has a mind of its own and continues to morph at will.

So, I am free from doubt and have a clear idea, I have solved my dilemma and settled my various opinions. I have decided and passed a formal resolution to reach my writing goals, the end I am aiming for; two complete manuscripts for an editor’s perusal and subsequent publication. (Year of which to be determined by said editor : )

Never give up and never surrender but keep pressing ever forward and you will see all your goals met in 2010. Be blessed.


Reese Mobley said...

Great post as always, Becky. I wish you luck on finishing your two manuscripts. It's a great feeling to have a plan and then see it come to life.

Pat Davids said...

So true, Becky.
Thanks for a great post.

Penny Rader said...

Good luck with your goal, Becky!

This part of your post caught my eye: Resolve: free from doubt or difficulty. Wouldn't that be lovely? :D

Becky A said...

Hello Ladies,
Sorry to be late to the party but it's been a busy weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Wouldn't you know that as soon as I posted this I hit a brain freeze on my book? I know I just need to relax and quit obsessing about it but that is easier said than done!

I have to ask, which part is so true? The one about losing a pound for each failed resolution? Ha!

If we are totally committed to our goal then we should be free from doubt, right? Because that would mean there is no way we can fail. (Don't hurt yourself laughing :)


Deborah said...

Where can I sign up for that lose a pound per failed resolution? I'm really liking that idea. Seriously though,thank you for sharing your goals. It's inspiring to see other's planning and striving to reach exciting goals. And it's hard to put that out there--to make it public so that you have to be accountable. Luckily you are surrounded by a great group of women who understand and can help you down that path! Best of luck!