Hello, Elaine Morrison here. The blogs on world-building have been outstanding. I have nothing to add to them. So I thought I'd share some links to contests and conferences. I don't know about these personally so can't offer an endorsement, but many seem to be legitimate. The list is a tiny sampling of what's available on the web. Just trying to whet appetites because the more we write, the better we write. There also seems to be a general consensus that entering contests is overall a positive thing for writers to do. If you are interested in any of these, please note the deadlines.

First, a link on how to enter and win contests:


Various contests by Writers Digest:

What would you do if you only had 72 hours to live?
The Last 72 Contest:

Have an interesting story about a past love?

Non-fiction humorous story:

Info for writing for different magazines:

A chart listing several contests. Great in-depth information. Offered by Stephie Smith:

Contest by the Kansas Authors Club:

A list of contests AND conferences:


Writing Convention in Lawrence, KS, October

Nebraska Summer Writer's Conference, June:

Must be the year for writer's conferences in Lawrence, lol. This one is science fiction, July:

And, finally, one last link about how to make money writing online:


Reese Mobley said...

You've compiled a nice list of contests, Elaine. I would love to enter more, but that can get expensive. It does get your name out there though--if you place or win. Thanks for putting this together.

Penny Rader said...

Thanks for the links, Elaine! Early in my career I entered quite a few contests, mostly for the feedback. I found it invaluable. Since so many publishers require authors to have agents, entering contests can be an excellent way for those of us without agents to get our work in front of editors and agents.

The Last 72 contest sounds really intriguing.

Elaine Morrison said...

Reese, the last 72, past love, and gigglegig are all free to enter. The KAC contest is $6 per entry (unless you're a memeber - then it's $4). The other links that have groups of contests have some that have an entry fee and some that are free. I saw several others that I'd like to enter, but, as you said, it could get very expensive.

Penny, thanks for the information. Everything that I read says contests are a good idea - I guess more for unpublished writers. I thought the last 72 one sounded interesting also.

Starla Kaye said...

This is a very nice list of contests and conferences. Thanks