A Writer's POV

Our subject this month is POV (Point of View), I think Penny hit the subject right on, way to go girl! You have an excellent way of digging through the layers to the heart with such finesse.

But I wonder if POV doesn't start first with the writer, for without them, there would be no story to read.

Writing is like a drug, seeping into our veins until it becomes the core of our being. We toil and struggle over the perfect word to fit what we are trying to say, then find it. It's very pronunciation delights and astounds us, oh the sweet music to our ears.

Everyone can remember the first time they jotted something down, a thought, the beginning of a story, or maybe even their diary. The act of writing took hold, leading them into a world of life long discovery. Becoming the drug they couldn't live without, much as, eating, sleeping, breathing, well you get the message.

Lot's of us have spent years improving our craft, while other's have just started on the journey. Writers who deny their gift will be haunted for the rest of their lives.

But then let's face it, sometimes life just creeps up on us and gets in the way, family illness, a death or maybe just raising a family and getting caught up in the day to day grind. I found I struggled for years trying to find time to write. I'd work all day, (because I still have bills to pay) then come home and be with my family, fixing dinner, a load of laundry because someone had to have their favorite shirt clean. Or the drug alluring me to my computer... And then just as the perfect thought almost came into my grasp someone would knock on the door, "Mom what's for dinner!" Either way the thought was snatched out of thin air and guilt besieged me, I wasn't doing my family or writing any justice.

This silent whirlwind of conflict pulled at me; Guilt kept me in it's clutches for a long time, until I feared I'd go crazy from fighting the loosing battle. I couldn't stop writing any more then eating, my gosh, I really had to figure this out and get it right. I can still remember complaining to my husband about it. The dear man looked at me and said, "Why don't you get up early in the morning when everyone is still asleep and write a couple of hours? See if that works, if not what do you have to loose?"

Are you kidding me? Why couldn't I see that? Something so simple completely missed. Well I did as he suggested and guess what, I've had several years now of harmony, my two worlds collided and became my friend.

Point of view starts with the author, then reaches to our characters, transforming them from stick figures into living, breathing, beings.



Penny Rader said...

Excellent post, Lori! Thanks for joining us on the blog. Sure wish I had that early morning gene. :D

I especially like Writers who deny their gift will be haunted for the rest of their lives. I needed that reminder to use the gifts God has given me. Thanks!

lori whitley said...

Thanks Penny for the support. Nerve wracking but willing to try again. It's amazing how we as writers have to structure our lives to find the balance we need.

Reese Mobley said...

Great job, Lori! I never thought about how POV does start with the writer. As a working parent I understand being pulled in all directions. We have to learn to treat writing as a second job. A job we love, but we still need to show up to work and put our fingers on the keyboard.