One October Night

A friend and I had an interesting experience one October years ago. We were in our late teens and had just arrived at a weekend retreat hosted by a church camp. It was dark, and while the immediate area where people were arriving was lit, the edges where there were woods and a creek were rather creepy. I looked up and happened to glance at a cabin set on the creek at the edge of the woods.
"Hey, I said to my friend, "What are those two guys doing out there?
They look like they have some kind of light suits on."
"Wow, those are awesome, let's go see."

We walked toward the two guys, noticing how they were standing. One had his profile to us, leaning against the doorpost of the cabin with one foot propped up on the doorpost, knee sticking out. The other stood next to the first, feet shoulder length apart, arms akimbo. They looked like they had bright white neon lights from head to toe. All we could see was the lights, no features.

At that moment, another friend ran up to greet us and we stopped to talk for just a moment. When she ran on, we both looked out toward the cabin and the guys were gone.
"C'mon, let's go see what they were up to," I urged.
With eager curiousity, we hurried to the cabin. As we drew closer to the door, we both slowed down, then stopped in confusion as we saw the padlock on the door, the cobwebs covering the door, the uttter evidence that no one had been there for quite some time. I felt a weird skittering sensation up my back, realizing that whatever we had seen, it wasn't two guys from the camp standing in the doorway.

We retraced our steps and walked toward the cabin again, hoping to see again whatever we had seen. We saw nothing. We have our own conclusions about what we saw, but it was a very strange experience.


Becky A said...

I must have lived a sheltered life or I've blocked all the horror stories out of my brain because I don't ever remember experiencing stuff like this. Since we're writers, I could chalk it up to very active imaginations but then you would all hit me! Wow, is all I can say. You ladies that have experienced ghosties, ghoulies and things that disappear after they go bump in the night, congrats on surviving your childhoods. I think I'll go hide now. :)

Reese Mobley said...

Yikes! Thanks for sharing this--I think.

Joan Vincent said...

Chilling but intriguing. Aliens? Ghosts? What did you conclude they were?

Elaine Morrison said...

We concluded that they were angels.

Pat Davids said...

You sure made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. How spooky.

Penny Rader said...

Cuh-reep-y. (shiver)

I'd much rather believe they were angels. Good angels. Guardian angels.

You are way braver than I am.