My Favorite Authors and Their Bad Boys (Melissa Robbins)

I blame my mother for my love of romance novels. The first one I read in high school was hers, A Pirate's Pleasure by Heather Graham. I laugh now, because I “know” Heather Graham due to our mystery connections. However, you won't see me going up to her and saying, “I read your books in high school.” Ms. Graham wrote several books on those Cameron men (and one woman). I love the romance series that spans generations. How much fun is it to read about the son or daughter of a previous couple you already fell in love with?

Jude Deveraux was another author whose books spanned generations of the same family. Got to love those naughty Montgomery men. Alexander Montgomery from The Raider was my favorite.

Since starting my own mystery, I'm drawn to mysteries with romance. Nancy Martin's Blackbird Sisters Mysteries are quite a hoot. Nora attends society parties for a newspaper and always manages to find a body or two. The banter between Nora and her sisters strikes a chord with me since I have two sisters. Nora's on again-off again boyfriend Michael Abruzzo with his mob connections certainly keeps the reader turning pages too.

Rhys Bowen has a delightful series about Lady Georgie, the fictitious great granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who despite being royalty is penniless. The mysteries take place in England in the 1930's. Georgie is aided by the handsome and completely unsuitable Irishman, Darcy O'Mara. Can you guess where Rhys got his name from?

I, too, got drawn into the popular young adult books, like Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games. One particular series I'm fond of is The Mortal Instruments books about Shadowhunters, who hunt demons. Sounds dark and parts are, but there is humor, cute guys, and great lines. Jace Wayland is one of those guys you can't help but love and I am partial to the blond bad boys. Shh, don't tell my husband. “Jace's grin was a white flash in the darkness. 'It means Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234.'” Just ask any female TMI reader about the Dirty Sexy Alley Scene and watch her break down into a fit of giggles.

Wait a minute! I'm seeing a trend with these stories with naughty bad boys. Maybe that's just me. Why is that? My fellow mystery writer friend, Cheryl would say these men bring out the crooked halos in all of us.

I'll leave you with a quote from Isabelle, Jace's adopted sister about Jace. “Oh, he's rude to everybody. That's what makes him so d*** sexy.”


Reese Mobley said...

Gotta love those bad boys. They make books exciting and make us want them all the more. Thanks for a great post!