A Smorgasbord of Writing Resources (Penny Rader)

Our prez, Pat, asked me to put together a list of general writing sites to give to new members. I thought I'd post the list here, along with a few hints of what you'll find at each site, just in case you're interested.

102 Resources for Fiction Writing (C.S. Swarts)
You’ll find a multitude of articles divided into the following categories:

Character, Point of View, Dialogue
Plot, Conflict, Structure, Outline
Setting, World Building
Ideas, Inspiration
Tools and Software

Alicia Rasley’s Articles of the Month
As of 7.24.11 Alicia had 58 archived articles on topics on ranging from scenes to POV to emotions to dialogue to plotting to conflict to characterization. She is an amazing teacher.

Her current Article of the Month can be found here.

Charlotte Dillon’s Resources for Romance Writers
Here you will find a ton of info separated into the following categories:

Links for writers
Building characters
Manuscript preparation
Writing a synopsis
Writing a query letter
Articles about writing
Research links
Writing prompts
Publishers and agents
How-to promote your work

You’ll find a plethora of articles on the following subjects:

Writing basics
Honing skills
Getting started
Editors and agents
Writing – Nuts and bolts
Writing fiction – Novels
Creating conflict and sustaining suspense
Writing short fiction
Promotion and marketing

    Holly has a great deal of info available:

    The writing life
    Workshops – 21 of them, on subjects ranging from conflict to characters to dialogue to plotting to wordbuilding, etc.

      Gabrielle has links to numerous articles divided into categories such as:

      Agents & editors
      The career writer
      Conflict & motivation
      Creativity & inspiration
      Finding time, setting goals
      Plotting & structure
      Point of view
      Promoting your novel
      Query letter & synopsis
      Revising your novel
      Sensuality & erotica
      Software for writers
      Submitting to publishers
      Writer's block
      The Writer's Life

      The Passionate Pen (Jenna Petersen)

      Links to publishers and agents who accept all kinds of romance
      Other resources and websites for writers of all skill levels
      • Craft of writing
      • Learning the industry
      • Research links
      • Marketing
      Articles written by Jenna on a variety of writing-related topics

      Here you will find A-Z listings of agents and publishers, writer organizations and resources.

      Here are a few of the categories you’ll find articles for:

      Beginner’s world
      Becoming a better writer
      The business of writing
      The writing life
      General fiction
      Promoting your writing


      Have fun exploring! I hope you find something that will assist you with your writing career.

      Do you have a favorite site you'd like to share with us?


      Pat Davids said...

      I am always utterly amazed at your ability to supply us with great articles and links in your blog posts. I put the right person on the job, didn't I?

      Penny Rader said...

      Thanks, Pat! I apologize for the formatting. Blogger does not like me.

      I just discovered the original link I had for Holly Lisle didn't work (she's revamping her site). I found a link that goes directly to her articles (and fixed it in the post) but I haven't found one for her workshops yet.

      Reese Mobley said...

      Penny, How do you find all of these? These are great resources. You should have been a teacher!

      Penny Rader said...

      LOL, Reese. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'd make a lousy teacher because I absolutely suck at explaining things to other people. That's why I throw links at y'all. ;D

      Joan Vincent said...

      Wow, Penny! All that Pat said and then some. Great reprise of the sites. Thank you for some great work--as usual!

      Penny Rader said...

      Thanks, Joan! Good to see you. :D So glad you were able to attend the retreat.

      Rox Delaney said...

      Super links, Penny!! You can always be counted on to know where to find the good stuff. :)

      Penny Rader said...

      Thanks, Rox. I just wish they didn't go away after I find them! And I wish Blogger wouldn't mess up the formatting. Grrr.