Life's Fun Surprises

I'm running behind on my blog, especially with the time difference since I'm in Kauai, Hawaii at the moment. I know...sad for me. I love it here! This is my absolute favorite of the islands. Beautiful, peaceful...and with lots of life's fun surprises.

Feral chickens is one of those fun surprises. I've been to some of the Caribbean islands and had forgotten how chickens run free everywhere. I hadn't expected to find them roaming the resort, the beaches, racing across the few roads. They particularly like to come in a big group and stroll among the sunbathers by the pool later in the day. Interesting creatures.

We had another "fun surprise" the other day when my daughter and I drove up to the top of what is called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific: Waimea Canyon. We got all the way there and it had been lightly sprinkling. But we couldn't see anything! A big, stupid cloud covered the whole canyon!!! Grrr. We're going to take a helicopter tour later this week and hopefully will see it then.

Yet another "fun surprise" happened yesterday. We were trying to go up one floor in the elevator...and it got stuck. We were there for 10 minutes at least, but it seemed like days. Let me tell you, it was suffocatingly hot. All those movie scenes flash through your mind where the "captives" climb out through the top of the elevator (so NOT happening), or they start being unable to breathe (I was thinking that WAS happening). Anyway, steering clear of that elevator from now on. And I don't think I ever want that experience again. Not fun.

This little sharing probably wasn't on topic for the month, but I wanted to share the good times that life can give you now and then. Plus all of these can be used in future story ideas. You never know when a story idea or scene pops up. And, yes, I am going to base a book here...maybe several.


Penny Rader said...

Ooh, lucky you, Starla! Feral chicken, stuck elevator and all. Okay, maybe not the stuck elevator. You know how well heat and I get along. ;D

Starla Kaye said...

The chickens are more aggressive today. I'm starting on a new novel (that I will publish on my own) and I' m going to start with the chickens.

Joan Vincent said...

Those feral chickens are something else--both in the Caribbean and Hawaii. I was surprised by those in Hawaii too. How will you use them in your story Starla?

I loved Maui the best but we've only been to the islands once. It seemed the least commercialized. From the ship it looked like a painting--so beautiful with many shades of green and brown with that blue sky and blue blue water. Hope you have clear skies for the helicopter tour!

Reese Mobley said...

I want to be you when I grow up!

Starla Kaye said...

Joan, I've been to Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and now Kauai. Maui was our first island and I loved it. Kauai is even nicer, far less commercialized. I could easily see myself living here for months at a time and just vegging and writing.

My new story (Four Everyday Women) will be a cross between women's fiction and chick lit, with sweeter type romances in the mix. The woman who starts the interwoven stories will have a run in on the beach with the chickens. Her man will come save her.

Penny Rader said...

My new story (Four Everyday Women) will be a cross between women's fiction and chick lit, with sweeter type romances in the mix.

Oooh, what fun! Can't wait to read it. I love women's fiction.

Melissa Robbins said...

Feral chickens? I'm picturing a scene from The Birds. Creepy.

I want to hear about the helicopter ride. That's one thing my husband has always wanted to do, but hasn't had a chance.