When you can't wait for the spark.

Pat Davids here.

One of Joan's comments this week really struck a chord with me. She said she was truly amazed by people who consistently wrote 3 to 4 books a year. Most years, I write three books. I have written four in one year, but that was tough. How do I do it? Not by waiting for the creative spark, that's for sure.

Multiple contracts and deadlines force a writer to understand that creativity does not come from somewhere else like the movies, music, or other books. The creative fire is, and always has been, inside the writer.

I'm not saying such things fail to inspire, I'm just saying I can't wait for inspiration. Every time I sit down at the computer, I face the blank page and the blinking cursor with the belief that once I start typing, creativity will follow. Sometimes, I write quite a bit of trash before the good stuff shows up, but it almost always does. Hey, there's nothing wrong with using the delete key.

Seeking outside inspiration is all well and good. My recent trip to Maine flooded my brain with inspiration and a desire to write. When I got home, I wrote like mad, not about the rocky coast and tree covered islands, but about an Amish school teacher daring to go against her faith to find justice.

I encourage everyone to use the tools that have been discussed here about sparking creativity as long as you remember that a spark is only a small piece of fire that can easily be snuffed out. The smoldering embers of your talent, however, lie waiting to flare into a bright blaze the moment you stir them. So, stir them often by simply sitting down to write. Let your inner light and warmth create the story you dream of telling. Write to music if that helps, write in a crowded coffee shop, write on your lunch break, just write. The world needs the story you have to share.


lori whitley said...

Thanks Pat for the inspiration!You are right, all one needs to really do is sit down and tap at those keys. Maybe one day I'll write 3 or 4 books a year.

Anonymous said...

I am really finding that to be true this weekend. I HAVE to have a chapter written in the next few days and there is no waiting for that spark. I've found taking a pen and paper and just starting to rattle things off usually gets me going - then all I have to do is make sense of it.

Pat Davids said...

That's right Lori, type away and the embers will glow brightly.

Tammy, it's good advice to take a pen and paper along. Anything to get words on paper.

Penny Rader said...

So true, wise one. I use the delete key. A lot.

Hi Tammy! Been ages since we've seen your smiling face.

Joan Vincent said...

Pat you are so right. BICHIOK is the only way to write consistently. Back when I was being published multiple times a year I wrote four books a year which means I can still do that IF I decide to. That is the key--the determination to do so --of which you so wisely remind us all.

Melissa Robbins said...

Just sitting down at the keyboard, even if nothing comes out, is good. One gets into the habit of writing if you at least attempt it every day.