A Nest of Songbirds

While we look back on what inspires us, I wanted to take a moment to include the members of WARA.

For me, members of WARA are like songbirds. Each has a different song to sing, but together they are a symphony of support, encouragement, and most of all actually wish each of us well. Do you know how rare that really is? I'm not saying that jealousy doesn't burn my buttons, but it is a good kind. The kind that says I get to talk to genius because I am a part of our group. I get to mine their brains for knowledge. I get to ask questions and because of who they are as people, their kindness overflows and I am bathed in truth.

Truth has many facets, like the faces of WARA. Each with their own tale of work, worth, and wisdom. Each voice raised, sometimes in dissent, but often in assent, is a part of the whole. Without the occasional dissent, there is no truth.

There is an incredible volume of talent and kindness in all of WARA members.

WARA is exactly what I need to inspire me forward. They always have been. As writers they seem to understand exactly when my writerly brain needs a new battery. Sometimes I am pitiful. A helping arm comes around my shoulders via e-mail or phone. Sometimes I run forward full tilt, full of so much enthusiasm that I have been advised to consider toning it down a bit. The writing world isn't one to conquer, but to enchant. When I try to enchant and miss. I'm told not to worry, but to try again.

Try thinking a different way.

But always try again.

Always I listen to our nest of songbirds.

How lucky I am to be a part, however minor, of such a talented group.

Thank you.


Rox Delaney said...

Aw, Nina, you're too kind. And here's a 'back at ya' because you're an integral part of the whole and help make WARA the great group it is. :)

Joan Vincent said...

What Rox says goes for me too! Thank you--what a great analogy--songbirds is so apropro! You've made my day plenty of times, Nina. Thank you!

Nina Sipes said...

Rox and Joan, you are both so different, yet I feel so comfortable talking to you as if we've been talking forever. Imagine my surprise when I discovered WARA and realized I had books on my self that the two of you had written. Then I have had conversations with you both. So different, even from your work, but I could see shades of your personalities in your writing.

I hope to find other opportunities to talk to you.

Pat Davids said...

Songbirds. What a beautiful way to depict this group. Many thanks, Nina. Your words are always enchanting.

Nina Sipes said...

Thanks Pat,
I suppose I think of you all like songbirds because I know the members of WARA most from the voices in their e-mails. There are members who speak up often and those who whistle so lightly, I have to be very attentive to 'hear' them. Those who lurk, might be surprised at what an impact they have on our birdsong when they do 'chirp'.

There are bright notes and warm tones. Each of you are quite distinct in your voices.

But all are kind. Even when we get in a bit of a snit, there is much effort to not offend and to try to reconcile misunderstandings. It is a lesson to me that language is not definitively easy. A writer's lesson after all.

And too we're kind of seasonal. Some of us have more time to be present and speak up at different times of the year.

Yup, you're songbirds.

Reese Mobley said...

Your insight brings so much to this group. Thank you for being a part of WARA for so many years.

Nina Sipes said...

Ah rats, Reese! Has it been years already? It seems like merely yesterday-or last month. If this keeps up, someone is going to expect me to finish something.

Maybe it is the distance that gives perspective, but WARA members are amazing people.