Well, well, well.

Our topic this month is how, when and why we need to visit the creative well. 
Are you kidding me?  We have a well?  Of our own?  A place where we can quench our thirst for creative guidance.  An honest-to-God source to add a little wham to our words, spice to our sentences and perk to our paragraphs.  A magic place where we can make a wish, throw in a quarter and pull up a shiny new set of ideas that will all fall into place on our plotting boards.
Where do I sign up? 
But wait.  What’s that you say?  There isn’t a real well.  Seriously?  What do you mean the well is all around us?  That it’s incorporated into everything we do, movies we watch and books we read.  Are you trying to tell me that our creative brains are always clicking away, observing, learning, storing these tidbits of information for later use?   
But, only if we’re open to new ideas.  If we’re willing to put down our work in progress and read a good book or watch a movie with an open mind.  Take a walk and observe the people around us.  Listen to conversations and watch how people interact with others.  Talk to other writers.  Go to workshops and conferences.  Learn something new each and every day and then put these tidbits together to energize our words.     
Doesn't sound that hard.  Does it?  You just can't be afraid to drink from the well.   


Anonymous said...

If you find a real well anywhere, let me know. LOL. My creative juices seem to be coming in little spurts that are getting me nowhere fast.

Reese Mobley said...

You're first on my "well" list!