This blog will self-destruct in . . . by J Vincent

sixty seconds. You have to be an old Mission Impossible (tv series that is) fan to appreciate this title.The “Mission Impossible” frame of mind almost took hold of me lately when it came to writing time.

I attended the RT Book Lover’s Convention the first week in May and returned home with a refreshed writing spirit and full of enthusiasm.  I was certain my goal of completing the fifth book in the Honour series would finally be met.  Mission Possible!

Then my husband and I finalized our decision that it was time to downsize and move into a more handicapped friendly home.  That meant packing up, throwing out, giving away --repeat, repeat, and repeat several more times as I tried to compact over four decades of accumulated stuff.  We aren’t completely ready to put our home on the market but getting close.  We’re now the “proud” renters of two storage units but amidst this whirlwind writing time has all but disappeared.  When I’m not packing I’m resting since I still haven’t fully recovered from the consequences of last fall’s infection.  Add in my morning and evening lung regime, cataract surgeries, and physical therapy and there is even less time.  My brain feels like the graphic I’ve used with this blog, except not quite so colorful, unlike my language or thoughts at times through this process.

Then I received this review for Honour’s Choice: Needing a book for summertime reading, I downloaded this book and settled in for a light diversion from everyday life, figuring
It would take me a month to read it during leisure time. It didn' took me three days of jamming in every spare minute to find out what happened next In this intricately woven plot. The characters, the settings, the period attire and furnishings all came to life.
The verbiage of the era was of special interest, and author Joan Vincent obviously researched extensively for accuracy. It was An engaging plot, intertwined with romance and mystery, and of course a happy ending. I will be definitely be reading more of this author's books.

Nothing like a little encouragement to fire up the mind.  After mulling over what to do about the dearth of writing time my brain went to “when you  have lemons make lemonade.”  I decided that since I have to rest often I could use that time to write.  In fact that is how I’ve managed to get this blog written.  Not the best for cohesive writing but better than getting nothing on the page.  Better than not making any progress and drowning in guilt.  Next on the list is a chapter of the new book. 

Wish me luck with this.  And then we could use luck with the sale of the house.  Does burying a St. Joseph in the yard really work?  If it does perhaps I should include one of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers.


Rox Delaney said...

Wonderful review, Joan!!! Strange how nice words can flip our entire outlook. Lemons to lemonade, for sure. :)

HINT on the statue thing: Be sure to bury it upside down. A close friend did it and sold almost too quickly!

Reese Mobley said...

I think I'll download that book. sounds good. Thanks for the recommendation!

Nina Sipes said...

As you've told me. Forward motion is motion in the right direction. Doesn't matter how large, long, or continuous. Just do it. I'm so glad you are feeling fired up to write! I found a little writing and I'm fired up to do the other things I need to do. Like FIND the copy that I was working on before I changed computers. Fantastic review. The only thing better would have been a blind offer to help pack....

Penny Rader said...

Congrats on the great review, Joan! Mom was beyond thrilled with her Mother's Day gifts.