Gotta Love A Man In Uniform.

Pat Davids here wishing you Happy Independence Day.
Hard to believe July is already upon us, isn't it? You always know when it arrives in the US because it starts out with a bang. And bang it did in my neighborhood until midnight last night. Honestly, people! Check your calendars. We've got a couple more days before we celebrate the beginning of our country.

I don't know if our Founding Fathers could visualize America as it stands today. We're a country made up of people in all shapes, sizes and colors, but we do share a trait that has been passed down to us since colonial times. Love of country. We all love this land, but some love it enough to put their lives on the line to protect it. God bless every one of them. I have family in the military. Hey, I was married to a sailor, so I have some small idea of the sacrifices military folks make for the rest of us. As a tribute to our service men and women, I thought we would talk about our favorite military themed books.

I wrote a three book series called The Mounted Color Guard. Although it was fiction, it dealt with an active duty unit at Fort Riley, Kansas. I really enjoyed the research for those books. I couldn't have done it without the help of both active and retired members of that amazing cavalry unit. Okay, nothing says romance like a handsome young man in uniform on horseback with a sword in his hand. There were some HOT guys in that unit. Most were the same age as my grandson, but eye candy knows no age limit.

What are some of your favorite military stories and authors? Do you go for Navy Seals or Special Forces? Modern military or historical? Do tell.


Joan Vincent said...

My favorites are actual memoirs by Napoleonic War veterans. I do like the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. It starts just after WWI and goes into WWII with an interesting take on the history of the wars. A long time ago I read a lot of Civil War stories but sadly can't recall the titles or authors. Shame on me!

Pat Davids said...

I do enjoy reading about your heroes in uniform. I never got into the Civil War period. I was always a wild west fan.

Joan Vincent said...

I cut my reading teeth, so to speak on westerns--Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour along with western serials Dad hid for some reason. Once I found them I devoured them and I don't remember anything racy about them. Cowboys and Indians was a favorite game.

Penny Rader said...

I'm embarrassed. I know I've read books that featured the military but titles and authors are not coming to mind...although one series I read, Virgin River, has a lot of characters who served in the military but for the most part, military action type scenes haven't been part of the series. The impact serving in the military has on people has been featured in many of the stories (ex: PTSD, loss of limbs).