Hidden Characters and Tortured Souls

We're supposed to blog this month on favorite character types to read and write. Humm. This is taking way too much thought and I don't have a lot of that to spare.

I guess I'd have to say that I have several favorites. I love masquerades where people intentionally hide their true selves from others and the problems that eventually ensue. I love characters who are angry and have lost hope for themselves. I love characters who refuse to give up on their course of action-even if it means moldering in their own windswept tower. I love characters who make them change their course of action.

I love characters who defend the weak. I love characters who finally find that they can trust another and lay their burdens aside for a while. I love stories where characters refuse to abandon inconvenient relatives. I adore villains. Oh, oh, oh, give me a villain and I'm a happy girl.

I love kidnappings, duels, swordwork, knives, bloodletting, and of course marksmanship.
I love tactics, warfare, fighting, winning, and losing. I love cleverness.

I adore dark headed men with lean legs and knowing attitudes. Did I tell you they also annoy the everloving puddin' right out of me in real life? I want to smack them.

What do you do with breathless, dithering, whiners? What do you do with motionless men?

Real life is mean and wears a person down with the constant battle to keep ahead of rot, decay, death, destruction, annoyance, and that's all before noon while facing the interior of the fridge. My entertainment life I want full of adventure, inconvenience, interesting places, food, and people, and I demand that by the end, the evil have had their comeuppance, the innocent are safe, the girl gets the guy, the ranch, they both get the life they find out they wanted, even if it wasn't originally what they sought.

As far as my writing is concerned. Well, those characters, I know, but I don't know if they really are what I would like to read. They merely exist as I find them.