Christmas Comes But Once a Year (Penny Rader)

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Our topic this month is Have you ever written a Christmas book? or What's your favorite Christmas book?

I haven't yet written a full story centered around Christmas, but Christmas does find its way into a couple scenes of my historical romance, Sapphire and Gold.  I shared one scene in a blog post a couple years back, Christmas Romance.  Here's another snippet, from the black moment (very short, so as not to give away too much):
The four of them kept a vigil for the remainder of the night. When the first light of day streaked across the sky, Derek’s fever broke and he settled into a healing sleep. Alexandra refused to leave the chamber, insistent upon being there when he awoke.
She passed the eve of Christmas by the side of the man she loved. Derek’s parents and sisters took turns sitting with Alexandra as did Polly. Jillian visited often, seemingly content to sit by Alexandra’s side.
Derek opened his eyes for a moment to smile at her before slumber once again claimed him. The clarity of his eyes and the lack of infection lifted her soul with gladness. Dusk shaded the bedchamber.
The boom of a cannon in the distance heralded the holiday season and reminded Alexandra that it was Christmas Eve. A snippet from a song ran through her thoughts. “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.”
The only thing she wanted was for her true love to open his eyes and grin at her again. Fatigued from the strain of the past two days, she prepared for bed and snuggled against Derek. She needed the strength and warmth he emitted even while sleeping.

How about you?  Have you written a Christmas story or have a favorite Christmas story? I'd love to hear your recommendations -- I can never get enough of Christmas stories.  They help make the Christmas season last longer for me.


P.S.  You can find my response to the second topic in an earlier post, A Few of My Favorite...Christmas Stories.