Thank you, Roxann! (Penny Rader)

As I promised in my last post, Remembering Roxann...

Roxann loved to share information with us.  Here are a few links she posted on our loop over the years along with her comments.  

Just a reminder: If you see something you like, save it, print it, etc.  You never know when a link will no longer work.  More than a couple links Rox shared are no longer active. 

In Rox's words [I added the words in brackets]:

Start with a snappy Hot Premise [Alicia Rasley’s The Promise of the Hot Premise] or TV Guide blurb to give the agent or editor a strong sense of the story.

[Rox posted this a few years ago during Banned Books week.]  ...this link to a blog was posted by a friend on Facebook.  When you get the time, please visit and read it. Censorship at Its Finest: Remembering

While this is in conjunction with Harlequin's SYTYCW (So You Think You Can Write), it's fairly standard for most publishers. [Patience Smith’s Challenge 2: Have your query letter critiqued by Harlequin editors]

Just saw this link to a blog posted on Facebook, took a quick look at it, and decided it should be shared! From Dara Girard [New Year’s Resolutions for Writers]

Food for thought... The ’10 Mistakes’ List 

 Jenny Crusie with Barbara O'Neal/Samuel/Ruth Wind on e-/indie publishing.  Lots of good info, not to mention Jenny's usual humor to make you laugh. :)

...and a Pass It On. How To Be A Writer 

This is a series of photos and descriptions of British writers' rooms.  I found it fascinating, especially since very few of them appeared to be neat and tidy.  LOL  They're very much working spaces. There's lots of them, so take your time when you have some time. on the photos to enlarge.

Okay, this is one of several reasons why I use Twitter, but I think we can all benefit from this particular group of tweets by Carina Press from author Julie Rowe 7 Habits of Highly Successful Writers 

This had a *potty mouth warning*, so if the F-word gives you grief, you might want to skip it.  However, there's some really good stuff in it.  You choose. I’ll be honest.  I got as far as #1 and #2 and recognized myself.  Not good.  I'm sure there's a lot of me in the other 23. [25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing]

The simple list of these 12 steps has probably been passed around for years, but I was curious if there was anything a little more information or explanation.  I found it on the Kansas Abstinence Education Program.  And because it has the exactly same 12 steps in the same order, I thought I'd share it. [The 12 Steps to Real Intimacy]

Some things to keep in mind. 4 Ways to Motivate Character and Plot 

Short and to the point, Brenda Novak reminds all of us about the important things to do when writing. 10 Things Every Writer Should Do in Their Novel

I'm catching up on emails that I've been keeping for later, and Kristen Lamb's blog is one of them.  I like to read her blog.  She's smart and says what needs saying quickly and to the point.  This one is a guest post, but well worth the time to read. The Secret Recipe for Writing a Perfect Pitch

For those who aren't on Facebook and missed this link shared by Theresa, here it is.  I should have all of them hung around my walls. 24 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Write More

Writer’s Digest often has some of the best articles.  This is one on how to carve out time to meet a deadline or simply get some writing done is a winner.  I agree with every point, but sure do wish I had more time, anyway. :)  5 Tips to Help You Meet Your Deadline 

Penny, I know how you love writing prompts, so if you didn't see these, I thought I'd pass them on. Try These 30-Minute Writing Challenges  Of course anyone who wants to use them can check them out. ;) [Thanks, Rox!  I do love writing prompts and exercises.]

I simply stumbled upon it when needing something to show me a romantic arc.  Of all I found when searching, Jami Gold's was the best.  The best for me, I should say.  Sometimes a particular explanation is better than another, only because it breaks through the brick wall sooner and easier. ;) Write Romance? Get Your Beat Sheet Here 

I'm one of a dozen authors in this discussion, along with readers and a few other authors that have dropped in.  … Feel free to drop in and say hi or join in the discussion about hunky cowboy heroes.  


And here are a few of my favorites from Rox’s Diary of a Mad Romance Writer blog:


Mapping Your Story 
The Creative Process 
Growing a Story 
Cooking Up a Story 


The Character’s Story 
Then Along Came Conflict 
Let’s Get Together, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 
Building Character(s) 
Creating Your Characters 

Writing a Series

The Perks of Writing a Series 
Taming the Series Beast 

Being a Writer

Begin Your Dream, Then Finish It 


I still don't want to believe you're gone, Rox.  Thank you for taking such good care of us while you were here. 

Until we meet again.


Z. Minor said...

Great article Penny. Thanks for sharing. You all will miss Roxann.

Pat Davids said...

Thanks, Penny for helping us all remember what a great mentor and friend Rox was.