One Writing Rule I Break (Kate O'Hara)

Kate asked me to write her blog as she is in the hospital and unable to do so. We talked about the topic and she gave me some insight into her writing style, which I would like to share.

Many writing books tell the writer to write their story, set it aside for a time – four weeks or longer, depending how long the writer’s normal life or another projects gets in their way. Then the writer should re-read their novel and start the rewriting process (looking for typos, redundant words, tightening the story – you know the drill). If you know Kate, even a little, you know she has her own formula, as most of us do.

Here is what she does. After reading her stories, I must say she does it very well. She edits every day what she previously wrote. There is a dual purpose to her method; one is to get her head around the story and remember where she left off, second is to get her mind on to the next scene or chapter of her story. When the final pages are written, she edits them the next day, and the story is ready for publication.

I personally find it interesting Kate writes her stories in first person. The stories are rich in everyday life. The main character and the dialogue gives each character in the story added dimension by creating a complex person. I have enjoyed reading all her stories.

Louise Z. Pelzl