10 Authors who inspire me by J Vincent

The topic is rather self-explanatory.  While I have come up with ten I have failed to detail as I would like.  My back surgery morphed into a second surgery and now a third looms. The first five authors are all mystery/crime writers.  The first three are British the last two are American and write in the present day.  I’ve enjoyed all of these immensely and learned more than I can say from their different styles.  If you’ve never perused any of them I recommend you do so now.
The last five are Regency writer.  All of them share a tendency towards mystery, some stronger than others.  Like the mystery writers above, they are queens of research. They also have different styles but it is their characters than draw you on and on.  Page turners all.

 P D James  Commander Adam Dalgliesh of New Scotland Yard solves intricate crimes

Ann Perry   I follow two of her series: Thomas and Charlotte Pitt and private detective William Monk and volatile nurse Hester Latterly

Dorothy Sayer  Lord Peter Wimsey books and other mysteries

J A Jance   J P Beaumont and Joanna Brady are two different series that occasionally overlap. 

Margaret Maron  Deborah Knott Series

 C S Harris   Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries.   Harris’ books are full of detail, intense plotting, and interesting and intriguing characters. The journey St. Cyr makes is incredible and a terrific page turner.

 Heyer's stories took place amid events that had occurred years earlier, and included details on the period in order for her readers to understand it. She included descriptions of dress and home life to flesh out her novels. Heyer's best touch is found in her knowledge of the minute details of  her aristocratic characters and  the emotional structure behind it.

Jo Beverley   Company of Rogues Series and many others.  A present day writer of Regencies who  excels with her various series' interconnections.

Kate Ross Cut to the Quick: Julian Kestrel #1 was an American mystery author who wrote four books set in Regency-era England about dandy Julian Kestrel.  The detail and characterizations in her work was well matched by the plotting. She died far too young in 1998.  

 Patricia Veryan - Although Veryan’s novels are set in the Regency, they are not traditional Regency Romance, but historicals with a diligently researched background. She wrote four core series using many of the same characters so that her books are linked. I especially enjoyed (The Tales of the Jewelled Men