Today, fellow writers, I’m to blog about the special possessions my characters hold near and dear to their hearts. I would so love to do that for you, but when I sat down to write this, my mind went gray and fuzzy—like static on the television. Pass the rabbit ears (if you don’t know—don’t ask) because I don’t intentionally give my characters mementos.

No one told me I was supposed to do that, I whine. Am I always the last to know? How am I ever going to make it in this writing business?

That said, I brushed the dust off the For Sale signs covering my completed manuscripts. All four of them. Sigh…… Anyway, I opened those beauties—in no particular order—and began my valiant search. Guess what? Much to my surprise, my characters do have things that are meaningful to them.

In Make Me Believe, a Christmas story, Kris Kringle Jr, is embarking on the search of his life. He needs a wife, sooner rather than later, and his only means of communication with the North Pole is through a modified View Master. All he has to do is plunge the handy-dandy lever and he can see the North Pole. It’s like . . . magic and he’d be totally lost without it. Especially after the elves show up in their Winnebago’s to help him transform the town and woo the girl.

In Faith, Hope & Gloria, their-cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs grandma keeps her three cremated husbands in mason jars. On her mantle. Her favorite husband’s jar is decorated with rhinestones and she has been known to carry him along with her on important occasions. Like to the wedding where her daughter faints, the ex-fiancé shows up, and the Elvis impersonators have taken up residence. Grandma talks to the glass canning jar as if its contents had ears. Which, technically it does. Or did, depending on if you’re a half-empty or half-full kind of person/writer.

That said, it doesn’t matter whether the objects you give your characters are priceless heirlooms, toys or canning jars as long as the significance comes across on the written pages. We have a duty to our characters to make them seem as real as possible and if that means giving them silly props to get through their daily lives then we do it.

Now I’m going outside and toss my beret high into the air because I feel like Mary Tyler Moore. I'm gonna make it after all.

I hope.



Elaine Morrison said...

I want to read your book! You've whetted my appetite; the stories sound wonderful! And they sound hilarious. I love the granny carrying around her favorite husband. I actually understand this. When my grandpa (my best friend til I met my husband) was cremated, I was assigned the task of taking his ashes in their oak box to a florist to have it fitted for flowers. I felt weird at first, but put the seat belt around "grandpa" and set off. Before I was done I was talking to him and reluctant to give him back! Great post Reese!

Elaine Morrison said...

BookS I want to read your bookS.

Reese Mobley said...

Thanks, Elaine. I'm sure they gave you charge of grandpa because of how much you loved him. I talk to my dad's ashes all the time too. Happy Easter.

Joan Vincent said...

Reese, love your post which gave me a slight deja vu sensation (you'll find out about what if you read my blog Tuesday). Great title and ending too. What a cool take on it. Love the way your mind works and I need those rabbit ears! I too hope one day to read your books, published copies of course.

Reese Mobley said...

Thanks, Joan. Can't wait for your post tomorrow.

Starla Kaye said...

It's been far too long since I've heard your stories, way back when I was part of your critique group. You have such a wonderful way with words and telling a story. I can't believe some publisher hasn't signed you up as one of theirs by now.
Anyway, I loved the modified View Master thing and the husbands in canning jars!

Reese Mobley said...

Thank you, Starla. Your kinds words touched my heart. I think my writing has improved over the years, but I've still got a long way to go. I'm grateful for all the mentors I've had along the way--which includes you.

Penny Rader said...

Love the view master and mason jars, Reese! And I remember rabbit ears. Heck, we still use them. (Don't have cable.)

And yes, Reese, I do you believe you're going to make it. I can't wait till we can hold your books in our hands (or e-readers, for those of us who prefer them). :D