Their Favorite Things (Roxann)

As I told Penny when she first suggested this topic, my characters never have special items or possessions. It put me in an instant panic. What was I missing? What were my characters missing? So I thought back through my last five books and guess what? I have characters who have something important: prized possessions, cherished item, special memorabilia. Okay, not all five of them, maybe, but more than half.

Family by Design's Nick Morelli grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, went away to college and became the owner of a successful construction company. As a child and young man, his dream had been to own an old Victorian house in the country and restore it to its original beauty. He bought the house, finally realizing the first part of his dream, but not knowing that the person renting the house was the girl who broke his heart in high school. He also didn't realize that part of the desire to own the house was because of the dream they'd shared of living in it after they were married.

In Bachelor Cowboy, Kate Clayborne and her sister lost their parents in a tornado when they were young and went to live with their father's maiden sister. Kate poured her heart into her aunt's farmland, hoping someday it would be hers.
“People come and go, Dusty. They move in and out of your life. They
die. And sometimes they leave you something precious. Something
that will be forever. Like land.”

When Nikki Johannson graduated from high school, her Cherokee grandmother gave her a turquoise ring her grandfather had made, long before Nikki was born. When she loses it, it's like losing the grandfather she never knew. But hero Mac is the one with the flashy and well-loved possession.

1967 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8

Mac babies his car and his pride is evident when he takes Nikki for a ride in it. I don't blame him!

Thanks to everyone who's posted so far for making me think hard about the things that make our characters one step better. I love learning new things! And this one didn't even hurt.

Thanks, Penny!


Joan Vincent said...

It is grand learning new things and seeing something from a new prospective. I know more about my own characters thanks to you Rox and to the others who have posted on this topic. I also have another writing tool which is cool.

Reese Mobley said...

I'm glad I wasn't alone in the panic. This was a post we all had to think about. Thanks for sharing.

Pat Davids said...

It's amazing how we give our characters things that mean something special to them without realizing it or doing it on purpose. Guess that makes us writers.

Nina Sipes said...

I'm still panicked. I can't even think of something clever. Owning something precious? I've thought of this for a WEEK and am still stuck.

Penny Rader said...

You're welcome, Rox! ;D

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts this month about our characters. (I got way behind on reading the posts, so I started at the end of the month and am working my way back to the beginning.) I continue to learn to so much from those who post and those who comment. Thanks for sharing.