Summer night lights.

From Pat Davids,
The evening, silky warm and sultry, is made bearable by the breeze that bends the branches to and fro and rustles through the restless leaves. Cicadas whirr while lighting bugs flit and flash across the lawn.

For a moment my heart is drawn back to the days when I chased those little lamps across the soft green grass and gathered them together in a jelly jar glass. My hand cupped the top and kept them in. They tickled my palm in search of freedom.

Tonight my worries and pain are far away...for a little while. Tonight my granddaughter's laughter floats in the air as she catches fairies. For a tiny, magic moment on this summer’s eve, I am young again, too. Laughing, I peer at the memories of other happy summer nights, captured like this one, forever in the jelly jar glass of my mind.
Share with us some of your favorite summer nights, real or imaginary.


Joan Vincent said...

Lightning bugs are truly magic. Every year we have our two grandchildren and they always love watching them and catching them.
Sitting on the back porch late at night watching the blinks of light is so peaceful and so reminiscent of a slower, seemingly less complicated time. Thanks for taking me back and since I just learned they existed in Regency England I'll include them in my next book!

Reese Mobley said...

On Jacks first night here Tyler caught him a firefly and let him hold it. It was so neat to watch him watching the bug crawl around in his hand and light up.

Pat Davids said...

Joan and Reese, you've both hit on what we do as writers. We take something we know and add a little magic to our stories or our lives.