Passive to Active Voice Quiz Answers by J Vincent

I’ve paid much more attention to passive and active voice since I wrote the blog and this quiz. Hope it helps you too.

1. His hair was cut by a professional since it had been scorched in a fire.
A professional cut his hair since it had scorched in a fire.

2. The Doctor’s Blessing was written by Patricia Davids.
Patricia Davids wrote The Doctor’s Blessing. The original sentence puts more emphasis on Pat’s name and there is nothing wrong with that.

3. Last night the Wingnuts were told of their missing the playoffs by the manager.
Last night the manager told the Wingnuts of their missing the playoffs.

4. After all the arguing was over, the plan for the Boat House had been approved by the City Commission.
After all the arguing was over the City Commission approved the plan for the Boat House.

5. An F4 tornado hit nearby and destroyed several homes.
This sentence is already in the active voice.

6. After a bout of rough housing a foul was called by one of the refs.
One of the refs called a foul after a bout of rough housing.

7. The solution to the problem was quickly learned by the student, but it was also quickly forgotten by her.
The student quickly learned and then quickly forgot the solution to the problem.

8. Contestants in the game were asked about their qualifications to play.
There’s nothing wrong with the passive use in this sentence. Who asked the question is not particularly important.

9. For several days Robert was taken care of by his aunt.
His aunt took care of Robert for several days. The original version put more emphasis on Robert than it does his aunt and that’s okay.

10. The girl was shocked by the language in the movie.
The movie’s language shocked the girl. If you wish to emphasis that the girl was shocked as opposed to the effect itself or the source the passive is okay.