My Halloween Memories (Melissa Robbins)

Halloween is my second favorite holiday. Columbus Day has the first spot. Oh, I jest. It's Christmas.

Anyway, I grew up in the northeast where Halloween was hugely popular. Every year, my family would pile into our gray station wagon and drive along the windy road through the woods to Butler's Orchard. Sitting in the “way back,” my sister and I looked out for the ghosts and witches hanging from the trees.

Soon the woods gave way to a large opening where hay bales and pumpkin sculptures abounded. Pumpkins were painted and dressed as famous characters. I remember Snoopy laying on his doghouse as being my favorite.

After admiring the sculptures, my family rode a hayride to a large field where everyone could choose their perfect pumpkins. Serious business for my family. Round and fat? Long and skinny? My sisters and I always wanted the biggest pumpkin we could find.

Before leaving Butler's Orchard, we stopped at the Farm Market for other fall supplies. They had the best apples and apple cider. The funny shaped gourds amused me. Mom would select small pumpkins to make pumpkin pie. It amazed me that she could get pie filling out of a pumpkin.

The big day was just as special. Dad carved the pumpkin and Mom had our costumes ready after spending hours making them. I can remember being a mouse, scarecrow, pirate, angel (twice), witch, and a Cabbage Patch Kid (showing my age with that one).

Every house gave out candy and my sisters and I attacked every one. Okay, maybe not every house, but it was not from lack of trying.

I still dress up for Halloween. I do it for my kids. Nodding head. I want them to love Halloween as much as I do. I may even sew a costume or two.

As writers, we create our own worlds that come alive on paper. Halloween allows those worlds and words to jump off the page. Hmm. My sisters are writers too. I wonder if there is a connection between a love of writing and a love of Halloween.


Elaine Morrison said...

Melissa, your halloween memories sound so fun! I distinctly remember marching along with a group of kids from house to house, inside a plastic mask getting damp from my breathing. There was candy and all that goes with it, but that mask thing is a very distinct memory, year after year. I hated those masks.

Elaine Morrison said...

Oh, and your picture is too cute!!!

Reese Mobley said...

Great memories. Thanks for sharing. Halloween was so much more innocent when we were little.

Joan Vincent said...

What lovely memories. I remember great times at family Halloween parties. Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc for an evening of music and laughter and lots of food followed by trick r'treating. Thanks for reminding me of those times.

Pat Davids said...

I love Halloween, too. What a great story. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Penny Rader said...

Ooh, I bet it'd be great fun to see hay bale and pumpkin sculptures. Thanks for sharing, Melissa. Sounds like you had a wondeful time.