The "Call"

Some call it destiny--an inevitable outcome foreshadowed for an individual.

Others call it their inner voice, their conscience if you will, guiding one to their inner sanctum of hidden dreams and creative thoughts.

Still others call it divine intervention, a personal whisper from the heavens calling a person to their predestined talent or skill.

Whatever it is (personally I think it is a blend of all three, but I'm heavy on the spiritual option) that drives a soul to sit at a keyboard for hours on end, sacrificing their time to pull vivid characters and plot scenes from their imagination--well, THAT is what I have.

When my mother told me I was too young to marry at the tender age of 18, I ignored her--because that inner voice told me otherwise. I have been happily married for 12 years.

When at 21, I gave birth to my son while still in college, that same voice told me to push against the "She'll never make its" and other naysayers. I graduated summa cum laude with a 3.89 GPA.

So when that voice whispered in my ear and stirred images that demanded to be written--I didn't question my decision. I sat down and wrote--and haven't stopped since.

I write because I can. Because I feel led to. And because I must. And while I have yet to see the outcome of my obedience, the future is full of promise--and my characters desire to be a part of it.


Pat Davids said...

Wonderful story. Keep pouring your stories out onto those pages. Someday, when they buy one, they're gonna say, "What else do you have?" Have lots ready for them.

Rox Delaney said...

Fran, I hope your "call" soon brings you THE CALL for your first sale.

It's amazing how much we learn during the process of making that first sale. But what's even more amazing is what we learn after it. :)

lori whitley said...

I loved your story and I like the divine intervention angle myself. Keep on writing and one day... Who knows your stories will sit on bookselves!

Joan Vincent said...

Intuition is generally a good guide, especially when it comes to writing. Persist and sales will come your way.

Nina Sipes said...

I always thought that people like you were real writers. Now, of course I know that writers, like people come in all sizes and types. And still includes those with, The CAll.