Creativity Stops Here...and There. (Frances Louis)

Due to the easy portability of a pen and a pad of paper, and given that my laptop ventures wherever a plug and/or a full battery is present, there aren't many places that have not been graced by my writing and imaginative devices.

Which is why I thought it would be much more fun describing locations that I refuse to meet, as Pat so aptly described, at the 'intersections of romance and adventure'.

Location #1: The Bathroom

I know, I know. This room is perfect for wasting copious amounts of time (which is a direct consequence of creative behavior). But bubble baths and long hot soaks aside, this room is not one in which I want to spend extra time in--especially when other people demand its facilities. Besides, it simply isn't conducive to an electrical device such as my laptop, and I despise writing on damp and/or soaked paper.

Location #2: The Office

What?? What do you mean you don't write in an office? I mean, dear readers, that I don't write in an office. It's simple really, given the fact that I don't own one. In a 3 bedroom house with 3 boys and 1 female exchange student, well--you do the math. There simply isn't room. That doesn't mean I don't want one. Once our current exchange student leaves, this mom may move in on the open room--that is, if my 10 year old doesn't beat me to it.

Location #3: The Car

Again, I see the confused faces. After all, isn't the car the perfect place to spend time and dream, especially on long 1o hour trips to the frozen wasteland of Minnesota that I call my childhood home? It would be if a.) I wasn't prone to motion sickness b.) If I wasn't the one usually driving and c.)If I didn't always chat and totally put off the notebook that stares back at me, making me feel as guilty as...well, you know what. Let's just say that after 6 trips north, I've learned not to tempt fate and have left the notebook (both electronic and not) in the back of the car--and not the front.

Location #4: Children's Events

Besides looking like a disengaged and totally bored parent, writing while at my children's sporting/musical/school/etc. events shuts out opportunities for me to see my kids at their best. These are opportunities for my kids to shine, and I owe to them, as their only mother, to give my children my full attention. Yes, practices get long, but I find that time spent gabbing with other parents makes me feel more a part of my kid's experiences, and as my boys are growing fast, I don't want to risk writing while they glow in their successes.

Now that you know the places that I don't, I'll let you know my favorite place that I do--on my living room loveseat. It is positioned in front of our front bay window. This allows me to keep an eye on my boys while I kick up my feet and just...dream.


Pat Davids said...

Fran, what a fun blog. I can see you with your feet up, eyes closed, moving your characters through the balls of Regency England until you get their conversation just so, and then writing it down. What a perfect place to create.
I never wrote a word when my daughter was young. Never thought about trying. I admire you for forging ahead with your dream.

Melissa Robbins said...

My sister writes in the bathroom. One of the few places she can hide from her kids.

Joan Vincent said...

Fran, enjoyed your take on the subject. My love seat is also one of my favorite places to work. Kuddos to you for getting any writing done with your kids et al.

Nina Sipes said...

How lovely and descriptive. I wish I had a window to look out of with something comfy to sit in. Then if I did, I'd be looking out at a wheat field or dirt or stubble. I get some of my best ideas in the bathroom, but usually when I'm washing my hair....