Where do I write? Everywhere (Melissa Robbins)

I have four small children. I write anytime and anywhere. I have small notebooks in all my purses and the diaper bag. I have been known to write while waiting for my daughter in the car rider lane, during my girls' gymnastics classes, and on long car rides. I even sneaked in some writing during the five minute intermissions of my exchanged student's school's one acts.

My favorite spot to write is my library. Isn't it beautiful? For my birthday last year, my husband and I ditched the dining room that we only used twice a year and turned it into a library to contain my ever increasing book collection. Reed built all the adjustable shelves and desk from scratch. I did all the painting. We still have the trim to do and change out the light fixture.

I have the desk, but I haven't found the perfect chair yet. Okay, I have, but I'm still saving up for it. My favorite spot to write is in that chunky armchair with matching ottoman. The ensemble takes up most of the room and my husband wants to trade it in for a smaller chair. Isn't it usually the guy who wants to keep the furniture? There is also a lovely window seat for writing or distractions, but it holds the keyboard now since my writing stuff takes up my desk.

The floating shelves above the desk contain treasured knick-knacks, like my antique printer's letter tray, a model Spitfire (a WW2 plane), a deck of cards from Williamsburg, and my 1936 copy of Murder on the Orient Express, along with pictures of my kids.

Nothing inspires me more than being surrounded by my books. If those writers could write and be published, so could I.


Joan Vincent said...

Amen to books! One day oane of yours will be one one of the shelves of your library. Love it--you and your husband did a great job. I love books and also find them inspirational.

Reese Mobley said...

I'm always amazed that parents of young kids can find time to write. I was either at their schools or driving to practices, games or meetings. Consider yourself ahead of the game!

Melissa Robbins said...

I can only hope, Joan. Thanks. Reese, I get up at 4 am to write before my kids get up.

Roxann Delaney said...

Love, love, love the room! I'm envious!

You get up at 4 am to write? There are times when I'm going to bed at 4 am. LOL We're all different, and yet the same. :)

Nina Sipes said...

I love your library and am very jealous as I always have wanted one. Instead, I have bookcases in every little nook and cranny. I have one in the end of my clothes closet. It has my favorite and precious--romances, of course. They have been my friends since teenagehood. But a real library..oh my.