Miscellaneous Madness (Roxann Delaney)

Happy Earth Day!

Some thoughts on this month's topic and a commercial, of sorts.

While research is very important to a writer, there comes a time when the writing must begin.  It's so easy to become buried in interesting information, whether it's about another time or something current.  It's so easy to immerse ourselves in the study of what we're preparing to write about, better known as research.  The word itself has a lofty sound.  After all, research is what science uses to help us live longer and make our lives better.  Research can also become a great procrastination tool.  It can legitimately--at least in our minds--become a reason not to write.  Or one more reason not to write, because we're writers, artists, creators, and we'll use any excuse we can find to keep from battling the demons that keep us from reaching our goals.

Demons?  Definitely.

In Do the Work, Stephen Pressfield expands the title with, "Overcome Resistance and get out of your own way."  We are our own demons.  Sometimes I think we create our own demons to fight the real demons.  In the end, we're the ones who lose.

But we can win!

In the book, Pressfield addresses research, and it's pretty clear he knows exactly what we can do with it.  Here's what he says:

You're allowed to read three books on your subject.  No more.
No underlining, no highlighting, no thinking or talking about the documents later.  Let the ideas percolate.
Let the conscious do its work.
Research can become Resistance.  We want to work, not prepare to work.

And now for the commercial.  Do the Work is a FREE ebook/digital/Kindle download at Amazon.  You don't need a Kindle or ereader of any kind.  All you need is a computer, and since you're reading this on a computer, you have no excuse not to get this book.  It's a quick read.  It's an encouraging read.  It's must read for anyone with a goal...and especially writers.

P.S.  I warned you that there'd be a little madness. ☺


Melissa Robbins said...

Only three books? Oops! Broke that rule. How about three shelves?

Rox Delaney said...

Melissa, you don't go through all the books in those three shelves before starting each book. The point is to get to the writing. I think you're doing fine. :)

Penny Rader said...

No highlighting? But, but...I love highlighting. It helps me remember stuff and find it when looking for it later. ;D

Three books! Per thing you're researching? Or per book you're writing? Holy cow. I break that one, too.

Thanks for the kick in the pants, Rox. I definitely have to get out of my own way. Can't wait to check out the download.

Rox Delaney said...

Yes, Penny, get the download, by all means! I think a bunch of people got it that hadn't ordered it. Don't know why, but I do think I ordered. Then again, with my mind... LOL

Interesting stuff.

We're all human and fallible, which basically means we all need a kick in the pants, now and then.

Rox Delaney said...

Oh, one more thing. Anybody who's ever submitted will relate to the part about "Shipping" in the book. It was like deja vu.

Joan Vincent said...

Rox, Truer words were never written. Facing a few demons of my own of late--am very interested in what Pressman has to say.