Heroes Dating Game (Melissa Robbins)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Much to my delight, we have been discussing heroes this month. Since my stories take place during WW2, I have loads of heroes running around, so I thought I would interview three of my soldiers with a bit of dating game fun. Hopefully their girls don't mind.

Bachelor #1 American, First Lieutenant Jackson Spencer, U.S. Army Air Force fighter pilot

Bachelor #2, Englishman, Squadron Leader Basil Godfrey, Royal Air Force fighter pilot

Bachelor #3 Englishman, Warrant Officer Seamus O'Malley, Royal Air Force policeman

Mel: Hi boys!

All: Hello Mel!

Mel: Let's jump right in, bachelors. Where would you take a girl on a first date?

Basil: A picnic to the Sandwick Castle ruins. The view is marvelous and we'll have champagne and delightful desserts.

Mel: Desserts? Wow, that would be cool with all the rationing going on.

Seamus: There's an Italian restaurant in town. I would take my girl there for a romantic candlelit dinner.

Jack: Antonio's?

Seamus: Why are you snickering?

Jack: No reason. Great choice. I hear they have a great chicken fettuccine Alfredo. [kiss] Perfetto.

Mel: What about you, Jack? The theme seems to be dining. Would you take your date to Antonio's?

Jack: Of course, I love Italian, but it would depend on the girl and what she likes. For a first date, I would love to take her swing dancing, but if she's up for anything, I would fly her in my plane.

Mel: Wow, a plane ride? That would be a memorable first date. Next question, what three things do you never leave the house without?

Jack: Clean underwear. That doesn't count as one of my three, does it? That should be a given. Let's see, my ring and a picture of my girl. My third would be my whistle and flying jacket. The whistle is attached to the jacket, so those two count as one.

Mel: A whistle?

Jack: Technically, pilots blow on the whistle when they bale out in the Channel and need to be rescued, but they have become lucky charms. Mine was a gift, so it's extra special.

Basil: Pilot gear, a cigar, and keys to my Bentley.

Seamus: All of us should bring our identity cards. If we're stopped and can't identify ourselves, we could be detained as spies. My other items are my cross and pocket watch.

Mel: What are your best qualities?

Basil: Debonaire and a great pilot

Jack: [laughs] I hear I'm a fantastic kisser.

Seamus: Lalalalala. I don't want to hear that.

Jack: I heard you're a 'ruddy brilliant' kisser, O'Malley.

Seamus: Who told you that?

Mel: Seamus, your face is the color of your hair! Jack, who did tell you that?

Jack: [shrugs] Girls talk to each other and don't always notice when guys are listening, but to get back to the question, I would like to add that I'm fiercely loyal to the people I care about and would do anything for them and I mean anything.

Seamus: You would do anything. No doubt about that. Did she really tell the other girls that? Blimey, I can't think right now. Can I skip to the next question?

Mel: Why are you still blushing? Okay what's your favorite quality in a woman?

Seamus: Trust

Jack: Hey, what's that look for, O'Malley? I'm all about trust too. For me, it's a woman who isn't afraid to be herself, even if it goes against the norm and I'll probably get in trouble for saying this, but an hour glass figure doesn't hurt. My girl has nice curves. Ooo, la, la.

Basil: Loyalty to king and country and a nice bum.

Jack: Oh yeah, a nice bum.

Seamus: You lot are terrible! She is going to kill you when she sees you, Jack.

Mel: At least they're being honest. Next question, you've just been told you have a few months to live, what do you do?

Jack: Darlin', we're soldiers. Basil and I are fighter pilots and Seamus is a policeman. We could die tomorrow. I, for one, live every day like it would be my last and enjoy it with the people I care most about. Then hopefully, when I die, I could take a few Krauts with me.

Basil: Spencer is right. If I knew I was going to die, which is a strong possibility nowadays, I would spend my days fighting the Jerries to my last breath.

Seamus: I would be with my family and my girl.

Mel: With today being Thanksgiving, how do you make the holidays special?

Jack: I'm thousands of miles away from my family. So the holidays would be special if I could spend it with them. If not, I would celebrate in the officers' mess with my soldier friends who are like brothers to me. Hopefully, my girl will be there too with lots of mistletoe hanging around.

Basil: Before the war, my family held the grandest parties for holidays in London or at our country estate.

Seamus: I love spending Christmas with my family. Dad plays his fiddle and my sisters dance. Mum cooks a goose. Hmm, Christmas pudding.

Jack: Stop O'Malley. You're making me hungry. Roasted turkey with dressing. Green bean casserole. You're evil, Mel asking a question like that with rationing going on. Can we go back to talking about girls?

Mel: Okay, I'll put you out of your misery. For our final question, so the ladies can know just how dishy you boys are, which actor would you like to play you in a movie?

Jack: I would want to play myself, but if I had to choose, Justin Hartley. He'll have to wear colored contacts, though. I have handsome baby blues. [bats eyelashes]

Basil: Ben Barnes

Mel: Ooo, Prince Caspian.

Basil: Yes, but shorter hair in back.

Seamus: Simon Woods

Jack: With or without the crazy Mr. Bingley hair?

Seamus: Not funny, Spencer.

Mel: Thank you boys for answering my questions. So, ladies, which hero would you choose? For you Connor fans out there wondering where he is, Connor is in the manor library snogging his girl, but he might come up for air and stop by in the comment section, along with my other boys should any of you have more questions for them.

Now writers out there, did you see what I did? Imagine your heroes and other characters on a dating game and ask them questions like these. Their answers may surprise you.


Reese Mobley said...

What fun. Great job! your heroes sound wonderful.

Melissa Robbins said...

Thanks Reese. I love them, but then I'm biased. ;0)

Joan Vincent said...

What an interesting technique. You have a very clever take on the subject!

Melissa Robbins said...

Thanks, Joan. It makes character profiles fun. Two writer friends, who have read my story, both said Jack was so cheeky for the interview, just like he is in the stories. I'm happy when I hear things like that. It shows I'm getting his personality from the character profile to the page.