It's Raining (Regency) Men!

Fran wasn't able to post today, so I thought I would steal her date this month. Who doesn't like men in Regency attire? This link/video from Victoriana Magazine cracks me up every time I watch it. Love me some Mr. Darcy, although my favorite Regency hero is Fran's duke.

And since we're talking about heroes, one of my favorite tumblr sites introduced to me by my Canadian friend is called Hot British Men. What is it about those English accents?


Joan Vincent said...

Great interview, Melissa. Thanks for sharing the links--I love Regencu men--and the information! You've great style.

Pat Davids said...

I loved the video. I've seen most of those movies, but I think I need to see a few more. How can guys look so hot in such funny hats?

Rox Delaney said...

Hey, that was Alan Rickman! LOL

I haven't seen many of those, but I'm sure I can hunt them down to watch. I did get the DVD of Becoming Jane and am glad I did.

Thanks for sharing, Melissa!