Shhh! (Penny Rader) 
Do your characters have secrets?  I'm trying to figure out what secrets the characters in my wip are hiding, so I thought I'd poke around the Internet and see if I could find any tips.  I found tons of articles about the secret to writing characters, etc, but not a whole lot about secrets characters keep.

Character Secrets

"A secret helps define a character.  What we feel we have to hide from other tells us a lot about ourselves.  Maintaining that secret will influence every choice we make.  Every choice our characters make."

 5 Secrets about YourCharacters’ Secrets (Darcy Pattison)

This article gives 5 ways to use secrets to develop your characters:

  1. Using the Secret as a Plot Twist
  2. Source of Conflict – Making Sure the Secret Stays Secret
  3. Tangible Secret
  4. The Secret Revealed: Big Scene or Climax Scene
  5. What Is YOUR Secret?

My Character’s Whispering Secrets (Darcy Pattison)

Sol Stein said, “I remind you that the best fiction reveals the hidden things we usually don’t talk about.”


So...what secrets do your characters have?  What do they do to keep their secrets safe from discovery?


Nancy Jardine said...

They do anything to keep the secret ...till the denoument!

Penny Rader said...

What sort of secrets do you give your characters, Nancy?

Ilona Fridl said...

I know with my characters, they don't tell until a moment of crisis or total honesty. Sometimes, I'm even surprised.