Top 20 List

Patricia Davids here. Happy Feburary!
The month dedicated to ROMANCE.
The question of the month for this blog is, what does romance mean to me, or what do I find romantic?

I’ve come up with a list of 20 things I find romantic about a guy, fictional hero or otherwise. They are in no particular order. This is my list. You can agree or disagree. Feel free to post your feelings about any of the items that made my list or post your own list so I can see what I missed. Here goes.

1. Nice abs.
2. Nice arms.
3. Likes dogs, tolerates cats.
4. Like kids a lot.
5. He can sing. Doesn’t have to be great, just so he can carry a tune.
6. Loves horses, rides like he was born on one.
7. Likes fishing of any kind.
8. Drives a nice car or a great truck.
9. He opens a door for a woman.
10. He’s willing to share the cost of a meal with a woman.
11. He goes to church.
12. He’s not afraid to admit he is wrong.
13. Likes to wear boots. (cowboy, hiking, construction, any kind of boot)
14. He can fly a plane or a chopper.
15. Has an understated sense of humor.
16 Has an overblown sense of duty.
17. Likes to grill a steak.
18. Can start a fire with two sticks, neither of which is a match.
19. His smile makes the corners of his eyes crinkle and makes my heart skip a beat.
20. He knows how to kiss well enough to curl my toes.

That’s my top 20 list for a romantic man. I’m pretty sure he’s fictional, but if he isn’t, gee, I’d love to meet him.

I don't know the guy in the photo. I snatched it off the web, but he's close to perfect hero status. I wonder if he knows how to make fire with two sticks?


Reese Mobley said...

That's a pretty tall order. Are you willing to share?

I'd have to add strong hands. Sounds weird but one of my favorite things about my husband is his hands.

Pat Davids said...

Strong hands. I like that. If I ever find a 1-20 man, I promise to share.

Melissa Robbins said...

Pat, I thought that guy was your brother the cowboy! This list makes me giggle. I definitely agree with #1 nice abs and #5 He can sing. I'll add a nice back and legs.

Joan Vincent said...

There's lots on your list to like, Pat! Love the photo too. #12 is a good one and I've got one who can do #18 and #20. But then he was a Boy Scout and tells me they are always prepared.