This month we’re blogging about what affects our writing. I wear my heart on my sleeve so anything and everything affects me.
First the bad. Life. I’m not saying that life is all bad, but let’s be honest. Sometimes it sucks. It takes a true warrior to get out bed and face what the day offers. Sickness. Death. Job loss. Income that barely covers the bills. When was the last time you filled your gas tank? These things weigh heavy on our hearts and our minds. We’ve got responsibilities and as much as we’d like to stay home and write, most of us can’t afford to do it. But, we could, and should learn how to write around the burdens we carry on our shoulders and in our hearts. If only we could learn how to bottle all that emotion and pour it out when we need that depth for our characters. Our manuscripts would come alive before our eyes.
And now the good. Life. I’m not saying that life is all good, but let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s just so awesome we can’t stop smiling. Wedding and babies renew our hope. Promotions at work. An evening out with friends. Finding a dollar in our pocket. Getting a bargain. Finishing yet another chapter of our work in progress. These things should be celebrated. Sprinkling positive life experiences into our manuscripts builds up to the happily-ever-after we hope to end with. It's the light at the end of the tunnel. It's what romance writers strive for.

It's what I hope for all of us.



Rox Delaney said...

It's definitely a rollercoaster ride. Let's face it. If everything in life went smoothly, we'd soon be bored. We might as well celebrate all of it. :)

Thanks for the reminder, Reese. :)

Pat Davids said...

We all face the ups and downs of life. How we face them defines us.

"It takes a true warrior to get out of bed and face what the day offers."

You are so right, Reese Mobley, Warrior Queen. We must wage war on life in order to wrest what we want out of it. Nobody is going to hand us our dream on a platter and say, "Enjoy!".

We've got to catch, kill, clean, cook and serve it up with sauce ourselves.