Best Blues, Dress Whites, Fatigues. It's All Good (Melissa Robbins)

Isn't he quite the dish? More about him later.

If you ask my husband, he will tell you he's the romantic one of our twosome, so maybe Reed should be the one to write this post. I will share with you one of his favorite movie lines, “Well, there's the usual things: Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep.” Those are the words spoken by Cogsworth in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I hope I'm not ruining the movie for you, but the Beast 'gives' Belle the library, because Lumiere noticed Belle's interest in books. I think that's the best way someone can be romantic, just by listening and knowing what the other person wants or enjoys.

For example, for Christmas one year, I received two Transformer toys from Reed. Now, you might be wondering why on earth would my husband give me those toys. Reed remembered a story I once told him about how much I wanted a Transformer when I was a kid, but I never received one because they were for boys. Reed actually tried to find the one I wanted, but couldn't find it.

Just last Christmas, a writer friend of mine told me about a present she received. She always wanted a strand of pearls, but being so short, strands are always too long. Her boyfriend bought a strand of pearls, took it to a jeweler, and had the jeweler shorten the strand for her. Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

So obviously listening skills are high on my list. :0D I'm also with Theresa with the 'helping me with things.' Ages ago, Reed and I worked on a church service project. It was the third time we had done anything remotely together in a group setting. I was struggling putting leaves into a trash bag. Reed came over and helped me by holding open the bag. It was a simple gesture, but I definitely took notice. I think we starting dating a week or two after that. First, I had to insult his truck for that date, but that's a story for another blog.

What other romantic ideals do I have? Some of my friends mock me for my obsession, I mean love of men in uniform (military). I could blame the fact that I grew up near the U.S. Naval Academy (dress whites *swoon*) or that my dad took me to see Top Gun when I was a pre-teen. I claim research purposes, but I have no idea why I start giggling when I see a sergeant in Air Force fatigues at Walmart (They're all over the place around here!) or about pass out at seeing Rupert Penry-Jones in an A-2 flight jacket. Oh lord have mercy! Shh, don't tell my husband. By the way, if I could FIND a screen shot of Rupert in that jacket, it would be right here!

**edited** Look what Rox found for me! Okay, so RPJ isn't wearing the A-2, but it's leather and it's Rupert. Do I hear any complaints? (crickets chirping) I thought so. I left the handsome guy at the top, who was a real WW2 pilot. I don't know his name and I hope he survived the war. I call him Sean Finnegan and he's one of my pilots. The sweet one, the yin to Jack's naughty yang.

Is it the hero aspect of a man in uniform we find so attractive? They are real life heroes, rescuing the damsel and everyone else. My grandfather may not have survived WW2 if one of his fellow soldiers hadn't dragged him to safety while his own arm was injured.

I'll leave you with a funny romantic story I found while researching for my WW2 stories. I am so stealing this idea. An Royal Air Force bomber pilot by the name of Moose (He was big and Canadian – go figure) who after a bombing run did what they all did and asked the controller (who happened to be a WAAF, like my Wren!) for directions home. Then, Moose proceeded to argue with Bobby over the airwaves about the directions she gave him. They married in 1946 and had five kids. Makes you wonder if they still argued over directions through the years.


Reese Mobley said...

Ahhh, who doesn't love a man in uniform? I know I do. Must be the heroic image they project or the way they fill out their uniforms.

Rox Delaney said...

Sadly, I've washed and ironed far too many fatigues/BDUs during the 20 years my ex spent in the KANG. And we don't want to go into the sewing on of patches and stripes, especially on the blues and dress blues. But even as jaded as I am, I will admit that when we attended each of two Dining Outs (fancy, fancy dinner, ceremony, and dance), that sea of blue was a sight to see...and so were the men. My oldest daughter has fond memories of one of those special evenings, as she happily sighed (and danced) the night away. :)

Melissa Robbins said...

Reese, both.

Rox, as with reality, there's always a downside to even men in uniform. I would be so afraid I'd sew the patches wrong. Thanks for finding a pic of Rupert.

Rox Delaney said...

Oh, I still have a small soft spot for a guy in uniform. My favorites are the Marines. Must be that darned collar. My oldest thinks Nazi uniforms are hot...although not the Nazis in them or what they stood for. Just want to make that clear so nobody comes to pound on me. LOL

Melissa Robbins said...

When Reed's work had Breakfast with Santa, the line to see Santa was right next to the Marines and their Toys for Tots table. If Reed had had cash on him, he would have bought a Marines teddy bear. I'm still holding out for an aviator bear.

Joan Vincent said...

My husband was in the Air Force when we met and married. His blues were wonderful. Washing, starching, and ironing his every day fatigues not so much. He's a Vietnam veteran and couldn't wear his uniform to travel back then because of the abuse hurled at servicemen. It's nice to see them appreciated now and a uniform can difinitely be hot. When my nephew, a major in the marines, took us out for supper in his dress uniform he turned all the ladies' heads.
That's a cool story about the Canadian, Melissa. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Robbins said...

I love how you ones married to military men comment on the washing, etc. of the uniforms. They never mention that in the romance stories. Although, I did read a story were the girl hemmed her boyfriend's pants who just received a commission.

Joan, I'm thrilled military personnel can travel in their uniforms now without reticule. And I bet your nephew did turn heads.