Christmas Village and My Favorite Creative Deviation (Melissa Robbins)

This month, I could choose between “What I do to get ready for the holidays?” or “Creative deviations from my writing.”  I choose both! 

I love Christmas.  My mom has a Christmas tree in almost every room in the house and I appear to be following in her footsteps.  One thing that I try to get up early for Christmas is my Christmas village.  After the first year my husband helped me, I keep them up most of the winter.  That was his suggestion since it took us forever to get them up.  :0D  My five year old helped me this year. 

It’s the Department 56 New England Village.  My mom started collecting the Dickens Village when I was a kid.  Once I got old enough to care about stuff like that, Mom started giving one house each Christmas to my sisters and me from our chosen villages.  I found it interesting how different our tastes were.  One sister, the sophisticated one, got Christmas in the City.  My other sister gets whatever house strikes her fancy.  I chose New England village, because I like the outdoorsness of it and I spent my childhood in the northeast.  The sea themes remind me of spending time on the Chesapeake Bay and summer vacations in Nag’s Head, NC. 

With fifteen houses, they are spread all over my house and out of the reach of my two year old.  I wish I had the room to create a complete town like the miniature one of a Kansas town at Exploration Place, but for now, my library shelves and desk will have to do.  I have shops and homes. 

I believe this lighthouse was my first one. 

My kids call this one the pirate ship.

After decorating my house and should be writing, I’ll do another creative deviation.  What is it?  If WARA members even had to guess.  Yup sketching.  No, this isn’t Jack cheating.  Funny, if I tried to sketch Jack, it wouldn’t have looked like him.  I’m terrible at drawing characters consistently.  This twosome is a new couple I’m still figuring out.  I LOVE this drawing, but I don’t know what happened to the colors.  Her hair is orange and her dress should be a prettier green.  While spending a couple of hours in the car during the Thanksgiving break, I also sketched my boy in my notebook instead of writing.  The sketch is so bad, I can’t bring myself to post it.  Drawing in the car is hard. 


Reese Mobley said...

I love these. I have a collection of elves that I build Santa's workshop around so I understand how much you love them. Thanks for sharing.

Rox Delaney said...

What a great village, Melissa! I've always wanted one to go with the train I never got as a child. LOL Your drawings are priceless. I can't even do stick figures well. ;)

Joan Vincent said...

My Mom had a village similar to yours except for it being more a farm village. I remember the two story farm house with the wrap around porch. Every Christmas she'd bring our miniature carolers. Christmas trees and lights.