The Oddest Gifts

Patricia Davids here.

The holidays are rushing toward us, making us crazy and forcing us to buy those last minute gifts that aren't really on anyones wish list. You've gotten them. I know you have.

My strangest gift was a dozen arrows. Yup. I was an archer at the time, but arrows? RAlly? That doesn't exactly say Happy Holidays. It kind of says, Donner and Blitzen had better beat it out of town or their heads are going to be hanging on my wall.

So share. What was an odd gift that you gave or received?  Did you give it to someone else or is it still in the basement?

Time for some holiday cheer and laughter. If you don't have a good story to tell, make one up. What is a strange gift that the hero in one of your books would give to the heroine? A potholder to someone to hates cooking? A cheese board to someone with a milk allergy? Sexy undergarmets that are three sizes too small, or worse, three sizes too big.

I'm working on a Christmas story right now and I think the hero is going to give her...


Melissa Robbins said...

Pat, two words. Christmas Panties.

A tradition oddly enough started by my grandfather when I was a little kid. Yes, the same guy my Jack has a sneaky resemblance too. Anyway, my grandmother needed more panties, so Papa Steve thought it would be hilarious to wrap up some and put them under the tree from Santa. Everyone laughed and my aunt went on and on about "Mother's Christmas Panties."

Mama Ruth was the most gentile gracious woman and thanked Papa Steve for the gift, BUT my grandmother learned a few tricks after being married to Papa Steve all those years and got her revenge later.

The following Christmas, two more packages appeared under the tree. "Santa" brought Christmas panties for my aunt and mom. The tradition was born! My sister and I exchange panties now.

Pat Davids said...

Melissa, what a hoot. I love your story. That should surely find it's way into a book someday.

Reese Mobley said...

My husband rushed out Christmas Eve at 5:30 am, to WalMart, of course. He returned with parts for his aquarium. Granted, I loved the fish tank too, but come on. Really? At least they were wrapped.

Pat Davids said...

At least he made the effort. He gets one point for that.