A Bah, Humbug Christmas --or Not? by J Vincent

In the past when I’ve thought of Christmas I’ve reflected on the anticipation, projects sewn, shopping, wrapping paper and bows, baking, candy making, Christmas morning surprises. and plans to be made for food, gifts, parties,.  I started shopping early in the year, planned what I would make for whom and when I would make it and looked forward to December with eager anticipation.

This year asthma and lung infections caused problems more often than they didn’t.  I lost the last three months and still am physically incapacitated. This one is not starting out that well with the meds I take for allergies failing for hte first time in years resulting in a severe allergy attack.  I’m hoping the new medicine kicks in soon!  But due to health issues I did not start shopping early.  I put off planning except for the vague idea of making throws for one of my daughters and my daughter-in-law and a Frosty the Snowman throw for my young granddaughter.  We’re now almost a week in to December.  I have two gifts purchased, the Frosty throw cut out but not begun, and the other two throws about a third of the way sewn.  Consequently I am, for the first time ever, thinking of Christmas in terms of survival.  My check list, if I had the energy to write one, would be very different this year.  Baking--nope.  Candy making--not this year.  Surprises for the kids, young and old, Christmas morning?  Not unless there is a Christmas miracle close at hand!

Miracles?  Believe in them?  Well, it is Christmas.  Let’s say I believe that one must sew the seeds for miracles.  So--baking?  I’ve always done “from scratch” but survival mode means buying mixes.  Candy?  There are recipes that take little effort --Cracker Toffee for one.  And what about purchasing favorites?  Works for me this year!

But what about gifts that warm the heart?  This year I’m not aiming high.  First I considered giving cash.  That’s what my parents always gave us after we left home.  But it always got spent on bills, and while grateful for the breathing room it provided us,  the kids aren’t in need.  We’d like to give something more personal.  And then I read an article in the Eagle which outlined one family’s plan to keep Christmas from getting too commercial.  They suggested giving one thing a person needs, one they want, one thing to wear, and one to read.  Ahh, the glimmer of a miracle looms.  Perhaps it was the one thing to read that really caught my eye.  But now, perhaps, what with a mix of a few purchases and gift cards this Christmas may prove more than survivable.

Anyone have other ideas on how to improve my chances of more than mere survival?  Merry Christmas to one and all!!