Life Is A Balancing Act

I started on my blog last week. I had a minimum of four notes that said, "Write blog!" So why am I sitting here at eleven pm staring at this computer? Because I went to see Star Trek today with a friend instead of writing. We visited for two hours after the movie. After arriving home I cooked and ate my dinner. Then I flopped on the couch. I think my subconscious sabotaged me, but I also think I needed that down time. 

Finding balance in our daily life is difficult. How do you fit job, family, household chores, groceries, writing, yard work, church, car repairs, doctor visits, a social life and everything else in without getting out of balance?

Seriously, anyone have an answer for that? I know I don't. I guess you just do the best you know how to do and let the rest go. So, I'm taking a short cut today. Instead of producing a totally new blog, I spiffed up an old short piece of mine. It's imagery helps me relax, something I need. I hope it does the same for you.

The man lay upon a grassy hilltop, a small child tucked up next to him on either side. Observing the beauty around him, he marveled at the newness of life. Watching a covey of baby quails bobbing in and out of the pussy willows, a gentle breeze brought the scent of distant rain to his nostrils.

Entranced by the dance of life all around them he enjoyed butterflies and birds, bugs and bluebells. The children’s innocent, bubbling laughter echoed quietly over the landscape. The brilliant sun warmed their backs and the damp ground chilled their little tummies.

Oh, the glories of spring! A feisty squirrel scampered up a nearby birch tree, his feet displacing bits of peeling bark in his rush to the top. Red and yellow tulips interspersed with wild violets and gently waving field grasses, dipped their heads in time with the rhythm of life. No wimpy pastels marred the view, but vibrant, rich colors of purple, red, yellow and green. Each spoke of the passion from which life springs.  

Looking about, he saw the majesty of God evident in every splash of color. With each fragrance blown upon the winds and every musical note rippling from a bird’s throat, he experienced God’s abundant creation.

Glancing at his wife, he smiled. The swell of her stomach announced the culmination of their own passion, the imminent arrival of their own private spring. In times like these when he observed, enjoyed and reveled in the glorious beauty of God’s extravagance, he gave thanks. There was no greater love, no greater relationship, no greater glory, than the one which he shared with his Creator.


Penny Rader said...

Becky, I loved your spiffed up piece of writing. Just beautiful.

And I'm tickled to see I'm not the only one who has reminder notes to get blog posts written. :D

Hooray for you, taking time with your friend and enjoying some down time. If we burn up all our mental and emotional energies, what will we write about? Provided we're not so overwhelmed that words never make it on the page.

Becky A said...

Thank you, Miss Penny! Every time I read it I feel the blood pressure drop. I think I might need to post it on my wall.

I've been reduced to writing notes on my hands again. When I'm in the middle of a transport, I have to make due with what's available and that's usually skin.

It drives the kids nuts. They all want to know what I wrote and why. Good thing my private life is boring, could get some interesting explanations other wise :)

I get frustrated when I'm reduced to making notes for my notes but these days, I need that extra set of brains.

Thanks for taking time to comment. I've been reading the blogs but that's it. I especially loved how you listed all your fears about writing. I could identify. However, it didn't leave me much to write about. You naughty girl!!!!

Just kidding :)

Penny Rader said...

LOL, Becky. I nearly deleted that post several times. I let fear get the better of me for a couple days until I finally got brave enough to check and see if anyone had it read it. Fortunately, no one left any comments calling me an idiot. Maybe they thought it, but no one posted it. Whew!

Post-It notes are some of my best friends. If I don't write it down on something handy, I'll forget it. Didn't even occur to me to use my arm. Great idea! At least that way my reminder wouldn't fall off my purse. ;D

Rox Delaney said...

Lovely, Becky! So peaceful, it makes me want to run away from the hassle of everyday life--if only for a few hours--to bask in the serenity. (Can you tell it's been hectic around here?)

Penny, I have my share of Post-It Notes, too, along the side of my monitor, on the whiteboard over my desk, and the front of the notebook that holds all the information on current writing project.

Becky, I'd suggest a small voice recorder, but your little passengers might overhear. Then again, it might keep them quiet to listen to part of a story. ;)

Becky A said...

Penny, I'm glad you didn't delete your post. I thought it was great. I can't imagine anyone thinking anything but how much guts you had in posting it. It takes a lot of courage to admit your fears.

I have Post-It notes in four different sizes. I use them all. They don't stick well on foreheads either :)

Becky A said...

This may sound weird, but I don't think I could do a recorder. I've never been any good at telling stories. I have to get them down on to paper. I can't even tell a joke. Even if I say all the right words it always fall flat.

I would bore the kids to tears. Hmm, maybe I should try that next time they are wired. Might put them to sleep!

I'm glad you liked my piece. I must have been in a good mood when I wrote it :)

Joan Vincent said...

I have yahoo send me a reminder to write the blog. I also make lists of things to do. But balance in my life? Seems ages since I've had the ability to maintain that. See my blog on the 6th to see what I mean.
But going to a movie, seeing a friend, having a meal--they are all part of balance. I subscribe to the "all work and no play make Jill a dull girl." Sounds like you are working toward balance.