If It Ain't Broke by Theresa Jaye

Let me start by saying, organization is a gift that should be treasured. But it’s also a gift that not everyone is, well, gifted with. Nope. A gift like this should come in a big box with lots of ribbon and a shiny bow.  And instructions.
I never received the gift. 
When it comes to writing, my organizational skills are less organization and more . ..  frantic. Occasionally, my brain operates like an over achieving hamster running on a wheel. Once I’m lucky enough to get the wheel going, ideas pop out like popcorn. But this also means I have to write down these nuggets of wisdom quickly before the wheel stops spinning.     
In my world, spinning wheel = paper chaos.
I have story notes on Post-It’s. Plot plans on backs of envelopes. Snippets of dialogue on receipts. One time, I drew a map of my fictional town on a paper bag. I write in a pink notebook one day and then accidentally use the purple one in the car the next time or the recycled copy paper at my office. I end up with a stack of light bulb moments in various shapes and sizes. A disconnected mess of ideas in random forms.  
But, this works for me and as hard as I try to write in only one notebook or on my tidy stack of colorful sticky notes—it probably won’t happen.
Like they say, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.     


Pat Davids said...

I love your post-it note decorated office. It always make me think, wow, look at all the ideas she has.

Becky A said...

Thank you, Miss Theresa! I was feeling very intimidated by the organized and efficient writing systems everyone seems to have. It's good to have a kindred spirit out there who prefers her plethora of notes and random piles of stuff. Our systems aren't broke, they're unique!