Miracles and Magic

In this season of ghosts, ghouls and magic, I want to relate a true-life miracle. This happened to a friend of mine. I went to the hospital. I was there when the doctor gave his report. I heard his story from his wife, his daughter, and out of his own mouth. You can doubt if you want, but I know what I know. Miracles still happen.

I received a text on Tuesday Oct. 7th that L. had been run over at work and Life-Watched to the hospital. I went up for prayer support and was there when the doctor came in. Even though L. had been knocked down and ran over, as in the machine was still sitting on him when they found him, he had no broken bones or internal injuries. The large array of doctors waiting when he arrived were sorely disappointed. They had nothing to do.

We were all amazed. Doctors too. But the rest of the story is even better.

L’s boss and co-workers began trickling in and this is what they said. When they found L. he was dead. No pulse, no heartbeat, skin turning from purple to grey. Dead. The Genie (a small cherry picker at only 6,000 lbs) had caught his right foot and pulled his leg up onto his chest, knee bent, as it climbed him. Then the machine stopped which kept it from crushing his chest. It was still running. I can’t fathom one leg being enough to stop a three-ton machine, can you? 

One co-worker prayed for him. Nothing happened. They got a forklift to remove the machine. The same co-worker again knelt down, spoke directly in L’s ear, and told him to come back. His arm started twitching. His pulse started up. His eyes popped open. L. was quickly coherent and asked his boss to call his wife. It totally freaked out his co-workers.

I’m not a medical person but from what I understand, the weight of the machine cut off all blood flow and L. stated he was unable to draw breath. He knew he was in serious trouble before he passed out. I’m not sure how long he lay there before they found him, but you do the math on what we do know. 

Someone in another building saw the machine and came over to investigate. It would take several minutes to get help, assess the situation, get a forklift and remove the Genie. The only forklift they had that was big enough to pick up a Genie was, for some unknown reason, in the same building. It is normally ¼ mile away.

Small towns are often understaffed and poorly equipped. The EMS workers couldn't shock L’s heart or give him oxygen because of equipment deficiencies. Pretty sad when you have an oxygen tank but no air in it.

Brain cells start dying after four minutes. According to MedLine Plus Medical Encyclopedia, United States National Library of Medicine, “The brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients (blood) to function. Brain hypoxia can rapidly cause severe brain damage or death. The sooner the oxygen supply is restored to the brain, the lower the risk of severe brain damage and death.”

Hmm, he was dead. That tells me he should have severe brain damage. Both oxygen and blood were cut off from the brain. I would estimate for at least five to ten minutes. But God had His hand on L. He protected L. from start to finish. He’s walking, talking, and lazing around the house catching up on his reading while his bruises and scabs heal. No, he didn't see a bright light, which I think he found a tad bit disappointing, but he did die and lived to tell about it :)

This is no trick or treat. No magic. No slight of hand. This is a real live, bona fide miracle. How awesome is that?


Penny Rader said...

That is SUPER awesome, Becky! So glad L. will be okay. Cracks me up that he's a bit disappointed he didn't see the white light. Thank you for sharing his story. Faith and prayer can work miracles.

Nina Sipes said...

Golly Gawd! How awful for everyone watching and trying to do things and how wonderful to have it all work out.

Joan Vincent said...

Pretty awesome and even better that you shared it! We need more good news just like this.