My Favorite Villains (Penny Rader)

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This month's topic is Who Is Your Favorite Villain?  Since I can never pick just one of anything, here are a dozen of my favorites:

  1. Mags Bennett from the second season of TV series Justified.
  2. Boyd Crowder from the TV series Justified -- I'm bummed the upcoming season will be the final season. I love watching the interaction between Raylan and Boyd.
  3. Beast from the fairy tale Beauty & the Beast -- I am fond of redeemed villains (or least those who many people might consider to be villains) as you'll see from most of my choices for this post.
  4. Jason Morgan from the soap opera General Hospital -- I haven't seen the show for a while, but he had his own code.  I never felt like he was evil, but would do what he had to in order to protect those he loved. 
  5. Sonny Corinthos from the soap opera General Hospital -- I don't usually like mobsters, but there's just something about him.  Amazing eyes.  So much emotion revealed through them.
  6. Julianne Potter (played by Julia Roberts) in the movie My Best Friend's Wedding -- yes, she's trying her darnedest to break up a wedding, but I love her anyway.
  7. Ebenezer Scrooge from The Christmas Carol -- again, my kind of villain.  Redeemed by the end of the movie(s).  I haven't  read the book.  Must remedy that.
  8. Castor Troy (played by Nicholas Cage & John Travolta) in the movie Face/Off. Both actors did a fabulous job playing both Sean Archer (hero of the movie) and Castor Troy.  And while Castor Troy was never redeemed, he did teach Sean's daughter a handy trick.  
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  9. Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin from the TV series Once Upon a Time -- about the time I think he's
    completely nonredeemable, something happens to make me hope he'll change his ways and make better choices.
  10. Regina/Evil Queen from the TV series Once Upon a Time -- about the time I think she's completely nonredeemable, something happens to make me hope she'll change her ways because we saw that she wasn't born evil.
  11. Neal McCaffery from the TV series White Collar -- he's a con man who works with the FBI.  I don't usually go for con men, but inside he's a really good guy. And super hot.  Again, bummed the series is ending.
  12. Mozzy from the TV series White Collar -- I'm really going to miss him, too, when the show ends.  He's a criminal...but he doesn't go after innocents.  He makes me laugh and his back story made me go "awww." 
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Do you have any favorite villains?  Please share!


Nina Sipes said...

Oh, Yeah. Boyd Crowder on my best villian list too. He keeps getting pushed into it.

Joan Vincent said...

I'm with you on the Justified, White Collar and Once Upon a Time villains. I think the guy who plays Neal McCaffery would make an excellent Roarke when he's a touch older.

Becky A said...

I'm with you on the redeemed villains. Two I can actually think of, which shows you what's usually on my Tv, are Diego from Ice Age and Gru from Despicable Me. Both of these movies show the value of being loved and accepted for who you are. Both characters changed because of the way they were treated. I love redemption stories. If a villain is too mean/evil, it can be a real turn-off. I guess I'm too much of a marshmallow. I want everyone to be happy.