Current Research? by J Vincent

Until I was hit by a severe bout of pneumonia in mid-March I was researching the Lines of the Torres Vedras in Portugal.  These were lines of fortifications built in 1809-10 on order of the then General, but future Duke of Wellington outside of Lisbon.  These “Lines” of forts, escarpments, trenches, and outlooks were a masterpiece that stopped French Marshal Massena and his army in their tracks. But that’s probably more information than you need or want.
I used several sources to ferret out the topography around Lisbon and Busaco (one of the villages in the lines where there was a battle as Massena approached the lines) and the villages in the area.  I usually use the google searches as a starting point and then delve into my resource books.  Sir Charles Oman’s seven volume series on the Peninsular War is a main source. I also have books on the war by several other participants present at the events plus modern day researchers.  Napier, Londonderry, Haythornthwaite, Muir, and Fletcher are some of the main author’s I use for this topic.

I lost three weeks with the pneumonia and then well, you know what a medical roller-coaster my health has been on for years.  My current research is on laminectomies which equals another bigger loss of time.  I am beginning to wonder if my writing days are behind me.  Every time I have tried to get back into this book life intervenes.  I have four chapters written but think they may have to be put aside and parts used as flashbacks throughout the book--IF I could just get writing.  I’ve given myself all the lectures about wasting time (anyone know of Free Cell Anonymous Chapter nearby?), not setting priorities or goals. I have Rox’s photo on my desk and can almost hear the whip cracking but all to no avail.  As yet.  I still hope to get my act together.  After all I have the fourth Honour book waiting to be published.  I just need to get the fifth written! 

Do I just raise the white flag and the next time someone asks me if I’m still a writer, say “No.”
Do I keep trying to get this book written?  Any ideas on how to jump start that appreciated.